Saturday 28 December 2013

2013 highlights.

I love getting towards the end of a year and reflecting on all the things I've done. 2013 was mostly a great year for me, full of discovering new things, pushing myself, and trying my best to be positive about everything.

I thought I'd share some of my highlights, like I did last year. To read the blog posts about each thing, just click on the photo!

My friend James told me about some hollow trees near where I live, so I went on an adventure to find them and climb inside..

We had a very snowy few days, so I went back up to Ashton court to build snowmen and watch people slip down hills.

I met my most favourite boy in the world (Doug, of course) and fell head over heels in love.

Unfortunately, it turned out Doug & our friend Ed were going travelling for a year, so I made these creatures for them to take with them.

We also took a trip down to Brighton for some seaside fun & the tattoo convention.

I got a great mentor and worked towards getting back into work. Unforunately, neither the volunteering placement or the jobs I applied for didn't work out in the end, but I'm still making progress! (even if it is a little slow..!)

I had to say a big "see-you-later" to Doug as he went travelling. We spent our last few days by the sea in Devon.

One of my favourite outfits - I floated around in this vintage summer dress.

One of my best ladyfriends and I went to Barcelona for a week for my birthday! Such a great adventure, thank you for being my travel buddy Charli!

I finally got my room how I wanted it, and shared a room tour on Being Little.

I went to Isle of Wight Festival with some amazingly fun people, and blogged for Motel Rocks while I was there!

Our lounge became the perfect, cute place to read, drink tea & show off my new glasses.

During the amazing weather we had in the summer, I spent a week in Devon that was crammed full of adventures! Above are my 4 favourite daytrips from that week - going to Beesands with Mum & Granny, going up the river with Dad for a picnic, sitting in Kingswear Daymark with Charli, and walking Tarka the beagle with Mark down at East Prawle.

I wrote an honest blog post about coping with the heat when you have a chronic illness, and included some tips!

A favourite outfit, and a new tattoo.

Bristol always has loads of festivals in the summer, and this year I went to Harbour Fest. It was such a fun weekend, and we met some very interesting people!

I spent some more time in Devon, and went to all the antique shops in Ashburton.

I experimented with baking for Charli's birthday, and made these coffee & whisky cupcakes!

DOUG CAME HOME EARLY! And we were the happiest little pups in the whole world!

We were lucky enough to attend one of the most beautiful weddings ever - my cousin Ruth & her lovely lady Lisa got married on a sweet farm in Cornwall. How beautiful are they?!

A couple of weeks later I went to another wedding in Cornwall, this time for Megan who you probably recognise from The Briar Rose! I got to hang out with some blogger buddies, eat amazing food, and swoon over the decor & Megan's dress!

Doug and I took a trip to Edinburgh, and fell a little in love with the place! It's such a beautiful city.

Myself and some other talented ladies started The Creative Initiative, to encourage us all to draw more. We're taking a little break at the moment, but will hopefully be back on it soon!

This year marked 10 years since my Grandad died, so I got a new tattoo to commemorate him by my friend Oli, who I've also known for 10 years this year!

Sophy, Charli, Beth and I had an amazing girls' night out courtesy of Gala Bingo!

Doug started gigging again!

Me and a gang of beautiful bloggers were invited to the yummiest festive afternoon tea ever with Next!

Marks & Spencer were very kind and sent Doug a suit, so we played dress ups!

Always a highlight - Christmas baking! And this year I got to do it in a beautiful dress made of vintage fabric.

A music video that I'm in was released on Christmas Day! Check it out!

And finally, I got to spend the whole festive time with Doug. It was my first Christmas Day with a boyfriend, and it was cosy and perfect.

Blog-wise, 2013 also saw me working with some amazing brands - both big and small! - reaching more follower milestones, giving away some lovely stuff, and attending some really fun blog meets and press days. As always, there were lots of outfit posts, recipes, adventures and some more serious, real life stuff too.

I've had such a great year, and I'm already looking forward to 2014 and all the things I have planned with lovely people!

How was your 2013? What are you looking forward to next year?

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  1. great post! Looks like you had a really good 2013 :) xx

  2. Wow, looks like you had a really busy year! Hope that 2014 is another good one =) x

  3. I loved this round up post, it was incredibly cute. I also visited Edinburgh for the first time this year, it's amazing isn't it! x

  4. looks like you had a very busy but awesome year! hope 2014 is just as good to you!

  5. Looks like 2013 was a cracker for you!

  6. So many pretty pictures! Good luck on the job hunt - keep your chin up, I'm sure you'll find something!

  7. You take such beautiful photos! Hope you have a lovely 2014 xxx

  8. you've had the best year! and you deserve so many more lyzi!

  9. I think your 2013 has trounced the rest of ours mate, it really has. Congrats to all you have achieved, as long as you're happy, that's the main thing! Lots of love <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  10. I love posts with lot's of pictures! Hope 2014 is good as 2013 was! xo

  11. Hooray for 2013! I hope 2014 is even better for you guys :)

    Bonjour, Blogger!

  12. 2013 seemed amazing for you :D I really like all your pictures! Especially the landscapes are so dreamy. Love it!

    Valérie //

  13. I've been reading your blog all year but have never commented, just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed it, I get so much inspiration from your style. Hope you have a great 2014 xxx

  14. so amazing and you have grown so much this year (not height wise haha soz) I am so proud of you lovely I see an Ella shape whole in this blog post haha we need to hang out more love you buddy xxxxxx

  15. Great post! It seems that You've had a great year :)

  16. Aww I've loved following your blog this year Lyzi :) All the best for 2014 x

  17. Your blog has been lovely to read and one of the few which inspired me to start my own this year :) I hope mine can be as good as yours one day!

  18. Aw it looks like you had a wonderful year filled with a ton of fun things. (I'm kind of in love with your trumpet tattoo too.)

  19. ahh I heard he was a tattoo artist now :) with his own studio, am I right in thinking?

    ashton court in the snow looks amazing, I haven't been up there in ages, I might have to make it one of my new years adventures...



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