Wednesday 30 March 2011

knot for profit.

(Gem's Tuesday Tip that I mentioned in the video can be found here!)

Something I forgot to mention in this video is that I'm donating some work for KNOT FOR PROFIT - in aid of Japan. It's an evening of entertainment featuring Japanese rope bondage, alternative life drawing, live traditional Japanese music, performances and art. All profits raised will be donated to charities supporting relief work in Japan.

My friend Blondie has organised an art auction for it - work donated by some of the UK's most exciting emerging artists and illustrators will be exhibited and up for sale at fantastic value. Featured artists include Bex Massey, Ellie Green, Jennifer Maidment, Iain Macarthur, Total Jerk and many more selling photography, painting, illustrations, zines and merchandise.

It's on the 5th April 7:30pm at The Islington Metal Works (7 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ) and it would be amazing if any of you Londoners (or non-Londoners for that matter) could get down there to support an amazing cause. Please please spread the word as well! More info can be found here!

Here are the things Kayley is selling:

Star Wars Tee - £8 Striped Tee - £5 Hooded Leather Jacket - £15

She is also selling a White Nintendo DSlite with 4 Games £120 ONO.

If you're interested in any of these items, please email to organise payment, or to ask any questions. Please state the item in the subject line.

Sunday 27 March 2011

in bloom.

Okay okay okay, hope you enjoy my video! Now, here is a little catch up post which will mostly be me blabbing on about what I've been up to for the past week or two.

After I got over my evil horrible cold and had some icecreams and whatnot, I started CBT sessions. I've had two so far and they've really made me think about the strange reactions I have to some situations, and I'm really looking forward to conquering my anxiety.

Last Satuday I had the loveliest day at Dawlish Warren beach with Matthew. We walked all the way along, having talks and laughs, and then attempted to fly a kite. It only got about a metre off the ground because it wasn't windy enough, but damnit it still flew! Then we had beer and icecream and listened to The Drums on the way home.

I got these espadrilles from River Island and I've been pretty much living in them! They're the perfect summer shoes and I'm definitely going to buy some more, because I know I'm going to wear these out.

On Wednesday, my friend Lynsey asked me to model for her. She makes vintage inspired dresses and needed some photos taken of them for her future website. When I've got all the photos and she has a website up and running, I will definitely be posting about it! All her dresses are so lovely. My other friend Stacey was the photographer, check out her work here. Here's a sneak peak!

I've got lots of things I'm looking forward to, including going down to Bournemouth to see some of my best friends and watch Elliott's band, Kids Can't Fly! I'm really looking forward to that little adventure, I feel like I haven't been anywhere in ages!

Saturday 26 March 2011

books written for girls.

This is just a little something I wore last Friday. Glasses from Urban Outfitters, T-shirt from Wallpaper Rose, skirt from H&M, belt, tights and shoes from Primark.

Also, I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but I've lightened my hair slightly for the summer! I wanted to get back to my natural colour of med/light brown because dying my roots is such a hassle.

Friday 25 March 2011

sunny afternoons.

Hey strangers! YET AGAIN, so sorry for being so MIA at the moment. We were supposed to have internet access in our flat by now but they messed it up. We should have a dongle arriving to tide us over for the next couple of weeks but I'm not at home right now so I don't know if it's come.

Anyway, here are a few photos from last week when it was lovely and sunny. On this particular day I met my friend Alex and we got icecreams and sat on the harbour wall and watched the boats go by.

I don't remember what the hell was going through my mind when I took these photos so excuse my strange poses. I'm wearing a coat from Camden market (yeeeaaars ago, and I think there were only about 5 made ever, it's my artfag coat) anchor necklace from Accessorize, shirt from a charity shop, jeans from Topshop, belt and shoes from Primark.

I was recently interviewed for DEERBRAINS, click here to read what I had to say! Also, I've got a few more posts scheduled for the next few days, so keep your peepers out for those! Miss you girls!

Sunday 13 March 2011

we speak in silence everytime our eyes meet.

(t-shirt & jeggings from primark (old stock) kids socks from 99p shop)

How come when the sun comes out you feel so positive about everything? I feel energised and excited for life, even though I'm still pretty coughy and gross.

I'm feeling much better today. I have been lying around in my old bedroom because it's SO sunny up there! It's really empty, it just has a single bed, a chair and a chest of drawers in there now. It's really weird and feels like I never spent 6 or 7 years living in there. Almost feels like it was just a dream, all those happy and sad experiences that occurred in there. Feels like another life.

I even got dressed today, and as you can see I'm smily and floppy. This means I'm going home today. I miss Kayley. KAYLEY I MISS YOU.

(laughing/coughing sexy combo)

Saturday 12 March 2011

hard as nails.

I've never been very into crazy nail art, generally I like to keep my nails one simple block colour. Usually a neutral or grey so that it'll go with everything I wear. Also, I have quite unsteady hands so I find it hard to do.

However, after seeing the amazing things my friend Sara can do on her nails, and seeing lots of lovely pictures of Kim and Gem's nails I started to get a bit of nail envy. When I saw Gem's recent Scotch Tape Nail Art post, I knew it was time to give it a go. By the way, it works REALLY well, and if you have unsteady hands like me it's practically a godsend.

These are just a few photos of me experimenting really. Some of the nails are a little messy and some just don't work, but I've never really been a perfectionist and I like that they're all different. I think my favourites are the nude/pastel colour combos and I'll definitely be cracking them out again in Spring/Summer!

(main colour on each nail l-r: MeMeMe 78 Ambitious ; Rimmel 60 seconds 805 Grey Matter ; Models Own 049 Lilac Dream ; MeMeMe 81 Chic ; 17 High Gloss Risky Red ; 17 Lasting Fix Smoke Signal ; Models Own 015 Fuzzy Peach ; MeMeMe 65 Demure ; 17 Lasting Fix Mint Choc Chip ; Bourjois 1 Seconde. Base coat: Rimmel 5 in 1. Top coat: Rimmel Pro Matte Finish. Black details: Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner)

Friday 11 March 2011

draw it out of me.

(top from river island, bodycon skirt from h&m, brown tights from primark)

Busy and no internet times again. The past week has mostly consisted of Elliott (of A Song For Elliott fame... haha) coming to stay with me. It's been really nice having him around, and the flat is very quiet without him. I will miss morning videos, comfort thumb, his scribbles, t-rex and constant annoyance. I'm glad he's much happier now.

The rest of my days have been filled with putting up furniture - including a wardrobe and a desk - and the bead curtain, and drawing nice words from movies. The "don't go" is from Where The Wild Things Are - "don't go, I'll eat you up I love you so."

Also, I received a gorgeous illustration of me from lovely lovely Ella. She really is wonderful, I love it so much.

I'm currently at mother's, laid up in her spare bed stealing her internet and eating her food. I'm poorly sick and I wanted to be looked after! Hope you're all much better than I am.

(Illustrations top to bottom by David Shrigley, Elliott Langford, Ella Masters and myself.)

Just a final little note to say my thoughts are with anyone who has been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in the news today. More devestating news, and I can't imagine how horrible it must be.

Wednesday 2 March 2011


Oh hey there, remember me?

Again, super sorry for such sporadic posting - we still don't have internet at the flat. Thank you for all your lovely comments! AND hello to new readers, I'm over 600 now and I think I love you all a lot.

Here are a few photos of what I've been upto lately, including making our flat more homely, having a little flatwarming party, mystery bruises, designing clothes and a bike ride with no bike.

I had a little wobbly worry yesterday. For those of you who don't already know, I have ME/CFS and on days when I'm super tired, I also get overly emotional. I find anything to do with numbers really difficult now (I used to be a straight A maths student...!) numbers just don't stay in my head and I get really confused and frustrated so easily and I ended up in a heap "just wanting to be normal". I don't like to talk about things like this much because it makes me feel weak, but at the same time it would be nice to talk to people in similar situations so I feel a little more sane! Drop me an email if you'd like to talk.

Everything is good again after a nice evening out and a little sleepover club.

I have finally got a wardrobe (even if it still is in pieces) and a desk arrived for me today, so hopefully I'll be making lots of lovely little things very soon, and I'll have interesting and exciting things to share with you.

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