Thursday 24 February 2011

puurrrrrfect day.

Today is my last day looking after the cats, so I thought I'd wear my cat-print shirt from Zara! It's also been beautifully sunny today, and while I was out I actually had to take my coat off, and I was still a little warm!! In a sheer shirt!! Spring is coming :)

Wednesday 23 February 2011


You may have noticed a sweet little button over there ---->

Well, click it, and you'll be taken to a new design company TOTAL JERK. It's made up of four dickheads who went to uni together:

"T-shirts are our main focus, but we play with other things too.
Each of us have experience in different creative industries but they didn't really suit us.
We wanted to do everything by ourselves and in our way.
Dealing in graphic, product and web-design. We specialize in illustration, photography and branding.
Whatever you need for your company, stag night, advertising campaign or work event, we can create it for you."

They've just got their first two designs printed on lots of lovely tshirts, and they're for sale in the shop now!! They have girls' and guys' sizes too so you have no excuse to not check it out :)

I decided to get both, because I'm greedy, and the designs are just so different that I couldn't choose! Their logo on the back is a nice touch as well.

There are so many more amazing designs coming very soon. I'm looking forward to the anchor design being printed because, let's face it, anchors are sweeeeeet.

(those are my brother's cats, by the way! i'm taking care of them while he's in prague)

Tuesday 22 February 2011


It seems sometimes in this world, some people are far too quick to say bad things about others. Obviously, I have absolutely no idea whether it's always been this way (and human nature suggests it probably has) but sometimes it feels like it's just getting worse and worse. There is enough negativity without you joining in.

I left this little message on my flatmate, Kayley's wall. We had a little drunken heart to heart on Saturday before we went out, and then someone said some bad words about her, and I wanted to make her do a smile! I think people should be reminded just what they mean to others :) and I thought it would be nice for her to see it before she goes to sleep, and when she wakes up.

I used some lovely paper my Dad got me, it has pretty yellow flowers in it!

company casting call.

Love how it says I'm 23 and from Exeter.. when I'm actually 22 and live in Torquay...! Silly.

So, as you probably know if you're a regular reader of my blog, I was shortlisted for the COMPANY Casting Call. Last Friday I got up just after 5AM to catch a train to London with all the businessmen, one of whom was listening to some incredible funky 80s music, VERY loudly. Once I got there I met up with one of the other girls, Sarah (who was one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, by the way) and we shared a chauffer-driven car to Company magazine headquarters.

There were lots of nerves in that lobby, but they were eased slightly once we all got chatting. We had our photos taken for their Office Style Spy (photos below) and met everyone in the office. They were all SO nice. Unfortunately I think my nerves got the better of me and I feel like I was too quiet and didn't really stand out. God damn anxiety.

Next we went off to a beautiful Moroccan restaurant (El Cantara in Soho) where there were juices, sparkling wine, Bourjois people and nail people all laid on for us. Obviously I took advantage of all of these things, I'm no fool! I felt like the Bourjois people were just putting lots of eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick on everyone without really considering their personal style/what they asked them to do. I asked to look quite natural as I don't really wear loads of make up, and the lady put SO much blusher on (you can probably tell in one of the photos below) but at least the Bourjois blusher smells absolutely yummy!

The nail girls used these Nailease products which were like stick on nailvarnish (I dunno) and at first I thought it was an amazing invention, but by the afternoon mine were totally ruined!! I don't know if anyone else's went like this, or if it was just a one-off, but I'm not very impressed and wouldn't use the product again.

Then it was time for lunch! The food was SO delicious! All sorts of different dishes and yes, more free wine. I love that there is photographic evidence of me taking full advantage of this. I'd like to point out I was not drunk, I only had 2 or 3....

(Most photos below from the Company magazine behind the scenes feature)

After lunch we were given goodie bags! I felt so special, I've never got so much free stuff in my entire life! In these goodie bags was £150 worth of River Island vouchers, which is where we spent the next 2 hours or so! Below are some photos of what I got.. I've seen the dress on a couple of other blogs, and looks way better on me than on the hanger. I'll get a photo of it in the next few days or so. The fit is amazing. And also, I'm in love with the bag.

Then when I was waiting for my train home I saw Katie-Jane meeting her boyfriend! It was such a cute moment that I didn't want to interrupt but I wish I could've said hello!

So yeah, it was an amazing day! Thank you to everybody who wished me luck etc, I'm pretty sure I didn't get through to the final 6 and won't be in the magazine, as I've spoken to some of the other girls and they've got emails saying they got through. Naturally, I'm a little disappointed, but I feel like I've had a massive prize as it is!!

Also, I am SO proud of myself for sucking it up and actually going. I've had major problems with anxiety over the past few years, and normally I would've chickened out of doing something like this. It was an amazing experience and I can't believe I was even shortlisted!

Monday 21 February 2011

chocolate and raspberry puddingy cakes.

After watching Cookery School one sunny afternoon, I NEEDED to bake something chocolatey. So I did, and it was incredible. I have left the recipe at home so I'm afraid you'll have to make it up yourself, wait, or alternatively just put rasberries in normal chocolate cake mixture. Your choice!


Apologies for the horribly blurry photo above, argh! Anyway, it seems last Wednesday when I went for a rummage in the charity shops, I was drawn to pattern - especially tartans!

I wore the second skirt to the Company Casting Call on Friday, after taking it up a little (I actually was in a bit of a rush and just cut the skirt to length without sewing it, so I ended up having threads hanging off me all over the place - lesson well and truly learnt!)

The reddy colourd skirt is a little too big for me around the waist, but I couldn't resist the gold thingamy on it. It's approximately a size 12 or 14 and will be for sale soon. Unsure whether to take it up, or leave it as an on trend midi length skirt.. we'll see.

I LOVE the shoes! I saw them in a charity shop a few weeks ago and they were £9, then on Wednesday they'd gone down to £4! MINE! They're slightly too big, and always slip off when I wear tights, so I think I'll save them for spring/summer.

my funny valentine.

Hey everyone! Again, sorry it's been so quiet around here lately! We still don't have internet at the flat, and I've been pretty busy anyway! I'm staying at my brother's for the next few days because he and his wife are on holiday and need someone to take care of their cats (my cat-nephews) they are crazy, smelly boys but I love them a lot.

Anyway, I think I'll be posting a few blogs over the next day or two as a kind of catch-up. I just wanted to share a few photos from my Valentine's day last week! I wore a Topshop shirt and H&M polka dot shorts as I didn't want to be too dressy, and then we went to the zoo! I only took one photo, of a red panda asleep in the tree! It was too adorable not to! Also, I made red velvet cakes with raspberries on top! YUM!

Monday 14 February 2011

where my heart is.

Hello! I miss you all!

I've been settling into my new flat. It feels more and more like home every day and I'm loving living with one of my bestest friends. Here are a few pictures of my room, and the view out of the lounge window. The sunset last night was so beautiful!

I hope you've all had nice Valentine's days. I spent mine at the zoo and eating cakes, and now I'm at my Mum's stealing her food and internet! I wanted to show you all my Valentine's cakes and outfit, but my camera isn't co-operating, so I'll have to save those for another day.

This is quite a brief post, but I have two exciting things to share:

1. I won this competition over at Lulu Letty! I get $50 to spend at Daphne Jane Little's Experimental Time Travel!

2. I have been shortlisted for the Company Casting Call with River Island and will be travelling to London on Friday for a casting thingy with 10 other girls!! I'm not really sure what the day will entail, but I'm so excited and nervous! I don't know what to wear!! Any ideas would be VERY welcome! I'm not sure when I'll next be able to check my comments on here so if you have any suggestions please tweet me!

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