Tuesday 16 February 2016

bundled up in clifton.

Some people may say that I have a coat addiction.. I think the real problem is that I'm always searching for the perfect one, which obviously just doesn't exist - especially as tastes constantly evolve and change.

Thursday 11 February 2016

how do you want to be remembered?

how do you want to be remembered

I've been thinking for days about how I feel uninspired to write. I've had Beyonce - I Was Here stuck in my head all morning. And then it hit me - I can smoosh these two together and make a blog post out of it. #BlogSkillz

The reason that song is stuck in my head is because of a conversation I had not too long ago with one of my all time favourite humans, Bee. Our conversations never really end, and sometimes they get really weird.. but this was a poignant snippet for me. It really stuck with me.

We were discussing how we'd like to be remembered after we're gone.

Might sound a bit morbid to the regular person, but when you've been around illness and death, you're kind of predisposed to thinking about things like that. And it's much more positive than it sounds. Honest. Hear me out.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

designed by nature.

Most of the time, jewellery feels so uncomfortable and in the way - I never wear rings or loose bracelets, I'll only maybe wear a watch, and perhaps a simple necklace. My necklace choices lately have been very much inspired by flora & fauna, so it makes total sense to don this silver lamium pendant. 

The shape is so unusual to me - I'm not sure I've ever looked at a lamium flower - and such work has gone into the detail. 
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