Tuesday 26 October 2010

clipper chilled infusions.

Last week, Clipper sent me three new drinks to try. They also sent me a box of their fairtrade everyday tea, which is my second favourite tea after Earl Grey.

I've loved Clipper's packaging for some time, so firstly I was glad to see the cute bottles. I'd like to see them with coloured lids though, to match the colour of the labels, I think that would finish them off nicely. I see Clipper's packaging as quite quirky, so I would expect them to finish their products off to a higher level than just a boring white lid. I think I'm going on about the lids too much...

The first one I tried was the Raspberry and Nettle, on a hangover, with a fry up.

Oh my goddddd, it was delicious! Quenched my thirst, just sweet enough. I only wish I had more. This is definitely my favourite out of the three drinks, as I'm a massive raspberry fan. The nettle gave it an usual twist which I really enjoyed.

Next, I tried the Blackcurrent and Lemon which, incidentally, is my second favourite. It kind of tastes like slightly watered down Ribena, with a touch of lemon, except it tastes a lot less artificial. The lemon gives it a really clean edge.

The Apple and Ginger was also delicious, with just enough heat from the ginger to get you in the back of the throat. I usually drink apple juice all the time, but I'd definitely drink this instead, if it was cheap enough, as it tastes soooo much better. It's just exciting for your tongue.

I'm hoping these will be hitting the shops soon, as I really want some more!! Yum yum yum.

Visit their site here for some free teas, and you could get some free samples too! You can also follow them on Twitter!

Monday 25 October 2010

keep or return?

I'm in need of some opinions on these new Dr Martens 1461s. I can't make up my mind if I like them or not.

I've had Dr Martens boots before, but never 1461s and never new. I find it hard to get past the shiny and hardness, although I know they'll soften down with wear.

I also feel like they make my feet look quite big and clumpy, even though they're size 3! I don't know if I just look like a total idiot in them, they look a bit frumpy I guess. But I love the look of them on other people...and I've wanted some for ages.. I just can't tell if they're very "me".

Not sure whether to stick with them, wear them in and see how I feel then, or just return them and get my £60 back.

Here are a couple of photos, they also look quite nice with thick black tights and a mostly black outfit, but I have skinny ankles and don't know if they look ridiculous!?

Pleeeeaaaaase heeeellllppppp!!!

Here they are dressed up and also dressed down:

(I'm wearing sunglasses because I couldn't be bothered with any make up, please excuse my stupid face. Who do I think I am, the freakin' Blues Brothers?!)

They are growing on me the more I wear them and the more I look at the photos of them. I think they just need roughing up a bit!

these fangs.

Enjoy some music while I tweak my blog.

Sunday 24 October 2010

a good day.

Things with the afore mentioned friend have been sorted out. We talked things out and I think we both understand each other better, both of us were really scared of losing each other, and it's all good.

I had a great day today (apart from a panic attack), I went to a food festival across the river and saw some people who I love a lot (mother, best friend, father, auntie etc etc) ate some yummy free samples, and generally had a nice day.

Here are photos:

Finally, my awesome cat, Phoebe... hahaha awww stupid face.


Sorry for the lack of blogging over the past week - it's difficult when I'm going on adventures and things. I don't have much time at the moment.

With these trips away, and other commitments I have (lots of making!) not only am I stressed and haven't much time, but I've also run myself down. The free wine at the gallery on Friday probably didn't help, but is certainly not the main culprit.

It's really difficult when you've been struggling with a health problem for a few years, and you start to feel better and want to do everything. But this can end up making you worse. It's such a hard balance to strike. But I HAVE to push myself otherwise I know I'll go under.

Anyway, last night I went to see a friend's band, and was going to meet one of my best girls for a couple of drinks afterwards, but I felt so dire I just wanted to go straight home. You would not believe the harsh words I got in return. From someone who is supposed to be one of my best friends, she was the opposite of understanding. In the end I stopped texting back trying to explain myself, because I was getting so worked up and upset. I hate arguing/drama so much.

I was so grateful to get home and be able to talk it through with my mum and the cats, and one of my other close friends. I don't know what I'd do without them, they are my rock.

After a sleep I feel a little better about it, still kind of in shock and not sure what the friendship holds for us. I'm hoping she'll get in contact and we'll make up, because I'd hate to lose her. Hopefully I will be having lunch with my best friend of all time, Oli, which always makes me feel super. Here is a picture of him on one of our brunch dates, just because he's lovely:

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I just wanted to explain I don't feel much like blogging properly right now, and I'm going away for about a week from Tuesday or Wednesday... so we'll see.

I hope you're all doing better than I am!

Much love.

Thursday 21 October 2010


Just finished making Ash's wolf costume for Halloween!

we not me.

Last week, after a post by DEER BRAINS, I went straight over to the Millionhands shop and bought this Me Not We tshirt.

It arrived while I was in Bristol, and here it is in all its glory:

I love it, it's so soft! It's also quite roomy for a size small, a little wider than I'm used to, but I like my tshirts big so I don't mind at all. I also love the subtlety of the print, and the connotations behind it.

Definitely go and check out their shop, they've got some cute totes as well that I have got my beady eye on!

Also "like" them on facebook!

Wednesday 20 October 2010


Hello, I'm home from my Bristol adventure. It was such fun, I miss that place a whole bunch! I didn't take many photos, mostly because I drank so much beer that I forgot cameras were invented. Unforunately I didn't forget that mobile phones were invented, and proceeded to send many drunken texts and even a couple of phone calls! Oh dearie me.

I bought a couple of goodies that I want to show off, but they're currently at my good friend Kayley's house... but I'll show them off when I get them back!

For the rest of the day I think I might rest my weary legs and do some admin. Mmmm fun!

Sunday 17 October 2010

for a few days.


I'm going to Bristol until Tuesday so I will not be posting until then or maybe Wednesday.

If you miss me (haha) I'll most likely be updating my Twitter, the link is somewhere over here ------------->

Thanks for all your comments recently! So lovely!

Lots of love


Saturday 16 October 2010

a little tip.

For you, this beautiful Saturday morning.

If you like your skirts short and often take the hem up a few inches, you may sometimes find that, after washing and tumbly-drying, your skirt is far too indecent. Even if you're wearing thick thick tights.

I had this problem..and then I remembered that I had some bits of lace lying around not doing anything (apart from being occasional fancy bow ties!)

So, using a zig-zag stitch, I attached the lace to the bottom of my dress, and now I feel more confident that people will not be catching a naughty glimpse of my bum. PLUS it gives my clothes a quirky edge.

Ta daaaaaaaaaa!

Friday 15 October 2010


Does anyone else have a tumblr?

Click the photo above to get to mine :) I use it as a place for inspiration mostly.

business cards!

The other day I ordered some business cards from MOO, primarily for putting on our stand at the Christmas Market, but also because it's just good to have some.

You can uploads LOADS of images to use on your cards, or you can use what they already have. I used 10 images and I'm SO happy with them! They're printed really nicely and it's lovely seeing your designs in miniature! AWWWWW!

I feel so official.

models own: in the navy.

Since last autumn, I've been searching for the perfect navy blue nail varnish. I searched high and low, but all I found were poor quality polishes, with metallic flecks in. Definitely NOT what I was looking for.

Then, in August, Models Own had a sale. I'd never even considered Models Own, presuming they were out of my price range. First off, they're not expensive at all, with nailvarnishes at £5, plus you save money if you buy more (a very good excuse to buy in bulk!)

After lots of browsing I came across In The Navy.

Look how delicous the colour is:

It's the perfect navy - deep, glossy, and goes on like a dream. Two coats and I was ready for anything. I can't recommend this nailvarnish enough.

I'm really into the Rimmel matte topcoat at the moment so I had to add it on top.

I am so ready for the weekend!

Wednesday 13 October 2010

project snood II.

It's finished!!! I like the first photo but the shirt and snood didn't really go together well, so I put on my recent charity shop find instead:

Another snood is about to happen.......

Thank you so much for all your nice comments lately :) they make me smile loads!

suit up.

Apparently it's International Suit Up Day today.. so I thought, "why not?"
My outfit reminds me a little bit of Janelle Monae. But obviously, she oozes ten billion times more style than I do!
This is possibly one of the cheapest outfits in the history of outfits ever.

Blazer - Charity shop.
Shirt - Charity shop.
Tie - length of lace from a Haberdashery.
Ring - H&M.
Leggings - H&M.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

welcome to my office.

Sorry for the poor quality photobooth photos.

Wearing glasses makes me feel more official and work harder. Welcome to my Christmas Market workstation. On the menu are cards, squashy cat creatures, tree decorations and bunting. I better get moving! 5 weeks!

Also, bottom photo is my favourite nude nailvarnish that I mentioned yesterday.

Monday 11 October 2010

nude nails.

On saturday I picked up these nailvarnishes from Superdrug. They were doing an offer on Me Me Me cosmetics - a brand I hadn't heard of before. After doing a little research online, there wasn't much I could find out, but there were a few reviews. Some good, some not so good.

I've been looking for the perfect nude for AGES, and I swiftly fell in love with these muted colours:

(Top photo, L-R: 65 Demure, 79 Patient, 78 Ambitious. Wearing Demure in the bottom photo.)

So far I've only tried out Demure and Ambitious - they're both gorgeous and only needed one coat. Ambitious is the perfect pinky nude for my skin tone. So creamy. I prefer having neutral nails because you don't have to worry whether they'll go with your outfit!

I also picked up a matte topcoat by Rimmel! And I LOVE it, it's absolutely AMAZING. Dries super fast and you're left with lovely soft matte nails. I've just this minute read that Beth over at Anchors Ahoy loves it too! Read her post here! She said she was wondering whether it would be difficult to remove, but I've just found out it's just as easy to take off as when you use normal topcoat!

I highly recommend all of these nailvanishes!

Also - if you were interested about the Shine Free Primer and Stay Matte Foundation I bought a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't very impressed. The primer DOES keep you pretty shine free, but it can make you look like your make up is caked on, unless you use a brush (I prefer to use my fingers). The foundation, on it's own, does NOTHING to keep you matte. It might as well be called Stay Shiny.

my weekend in photos.

(and a couple of words too, I guess)

An early morning bus ride through the mist, along the clifftops to visit my cousin; Her very fluffy and fat cat playing silly devils; A vintage fair in Totnes, full of lovely goodies but none that I desperately needed in my life (how very restrained of me!); Little kitty Mumford at my girl Kayley's new house. He woke me in the night by sitting on my head and purring. I love him so. It's lovely to go to sleep with a kitty in your arms. I wish our cats were allowed upstairs :(

Still selling some clothes here if you're interested! Only for a couple more days and then they'll be on Ebay.
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