Wednesday 14 August 2013

vintage & antique shopping in ashburton.

I haven't been for a year or two, but Ashburton is one of my favourite places to browse antiques and vintage clothing in Devon. There are quite a few gorgeous antique shops, and a handful of great charity shops too. So, really, it's my ideal shopping destination. If only I had money to spare.

We spent a few hours on Monday rummaging around for dusty treasures, dreaming about things we'd love to have in our home (mum and I fell in love with a deep mustard yellow sofa that was SO comfy!) as well as finding some bizarre thingamajigs.

Obviously, we had to stop off at our favourite lunch spot, The Green Ginger. Last time we went, a beautiful cat made friends with us in the garden. This time we saw that they'd added 3 bunnies to their growing creature feature. They were very sweet, and I loved that their markings resembled those of the resident ducks.

After a little more rummaging, finding dresses I'd like to get married in (hint hint, Douglas) and one dress that reminded me of William Morris' work (and therefore also reminded me of Jazmine) I had to force mum to take me home, as I was totally exhausted.

Have you ever visited Ashburton? Where's your favourite place for vintage rummaging?

• I'm wearing: topshop vest, primark belt, bag & sandals, mad elizabeth vintage trousers +
vintage flour pot
vintage lace dresses
vintage clothing
blue vintage dresses
vintage mirror and furniture
vintage moons record
vintage record
taxidermy fox
taxidermy deer
antique shop mirror
vintage teapot
vintage jug apple clock
vintage laura ashley dresses
vintage dress william morris
vintage army backpacks
vintage suitcases
antique vintage mustard sofa
garden with antiques

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  1. Oh these photos are lovely! and so is your outfit. Love the striped trousers xx

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! All these photos are so so lovely! xxx

  3. Ohh I love Ashburton. These pictures make me miss home!

  4. love the trousers! :)x

  5. I nearly pooped my pants when I scrolled down and saw that fox!!

  6. What a lovely day for you two! I love your trousers, anything stripy, I fall apart.

    I love looking for vintage in Victoria, which has many many hidden vintage/ charity shops- not many knows so I get the best batch!!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  7. Such beautiful pictures, I'm complete sold!

    Erin, xx

  8. lovely pictures! those rabbits are so adorable

    Sarah xo

  9. Lovely photos, Lyzi. Which record is that? I can't quite see it!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  10. Yay! My home town :) so glad you love it x

  11. As always, you and your outfit are lovely! Your photos are really great as well! Love the cute bunnies!

    xo Emily | Honey Loaf

  12. What a veritable treasure trove! I might go down this route when I guest post for you love, maybe my top 10 vintage bits and pieces from around my home? What do you think? <3 Claire at Jazzpad

  13. This little shop is adorable! There was one when I lived in Dallas, that I frequented, that looked a lot like this. I miss it! It's so nice that you went with your mom. Mine wouldn't be caught dead in a vintage shop. What stopped you from getting that couch?!

    xo Ashley


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