Thursday 30 June 2011


My hair went right for once, I just wanted to share it with y'all. It's been really unruly lately as it desperately needs a trim and is in that inbetween/growing out stage. Anyway. Here's my face and hair. Enjoy it.

Wednesday 29 June 2011

who wears short shorts?

I got an email about these shorts today and had to share them with you! I love all the different colours, they're so happy and bright... maybe even the perfect colours for shorts? I think the detailing is a cute touch, and the fact that you can learn about who manufactured each piece is something you rarely get. Click the image to learn more.

Also, don't forget about my blog sale! Loads of cute things still available for cheap cheap prices!

This is not a sponsored post, just something that caught my eye that I wanted everyone else to see :)

Tuesday 28 June 2011



Retro peep-toes, only worn a few times each, very good condition.
Size 3, £3 each.


Lovely leopard cardigan with clear buttons.
Size 8, £3.


VINTAGE oversized animal print t-shirt.
Size XL, £5.


Where The Wild Things Are t-shirt from Urban Outfitters.
Size M (I'd say size 10) £8.


VINTAGE 80s slouchy tee with elasticated bottom.
Size 8-14 depending on the fit you want, £7.


VINTAGE tie front tropical tshirt, perfect for summer!
Size 10 to a size 14 depending on the fit you want. £8.


Sheer pussybow blouse, really loose fitting except it's too small on my boobs and the buttons gape!
Size 10, £3.


VERY cute heart print mini dress.
Stretchy back & tie waist so anything from size 8 to size 12, £7.


Selling the dress worn here carbooting and milkshaking. It is a Fever London 50s style circle skirt dress. Buttons all the way down the front, really cute tie detail on the sleeves. It's a really beautiful dress and in perfect condition! When new, Fever dresses range from £30-90!
Size 10, £25.


Please email me (don't comment here!) at if you'd like to purchase an item of clothing, stating the item(s) in the email subject line.

Postage will be £2-3 depending on how heavy the item(s) are, and we can discuss it via email. Shipping to the UK only I'm afraid.

PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE! I will send your item once payment has been made.

Please bear in mind that these are also for sale on my facebook, and I'll be selling them on a first come first served basis!!

There will be another blog sale at some point soon as well :) including more shoes, a fringed bag and highwaisted denim shorts, amongst other things!!

Monday 27 June 2011


WEARING: vest - h&m ; belt - primark ; skirt - charity shop.

Busy weekend before a busy week! Luckily it's starting off slow though. It's raining and pretty miserable outside here, but it sounds like the rest of the country is having a glorious summery day! Hope you're enjoying it if you have sun.

Today I've been doing a bit of coding for my website and taking photos of some clothes I have to sell. I have some really nice stuff - cute, retro and vintage things. I'm not sure how to go about selling them - on ebay, or just on here with paypal or something? What do you guys think? Have you sold clothes via your blog before?

I think this outfit is missing a headscarf - it's a bit dull. But I probably won't put one on as I'm just hanging around the flat until later when I'm going to do some life drawing with my mum. I'm really looking forward to it as I haven't done proper life drawing since uni about 2 years ago!

Friday 24 June 2011

what lies ahead.

A rather lovely shirt I got from Primark the other day!

Hiiiii! I feel like all I've done recently are "filler" posts, just something to keep you going while I'm too busy to come up with "proper" posts, but life gets a little busy sometimes and I find it difficult to keep my mind on lots of things!!

The past couple of days have been both fun and tedious. The tedious parts being scanning, editing and resizing all the images for my future website/online portfolio, and the fun parts being shopping and going to new places with Kayley.

Today we went to a part of Torquay called St Marychurch, and I'm annoyed at myself that I've never been before! It's really cute and full of elderly people and and charity shops. The main street is so pretty with traditional looking shops everywhere, it felt like we went back in time! I didn't take any photos but I'll definitely be going back there, maybe next week! (Also, I'd like to point out the surname of one of the ladies who works in Oxfam is Gubbins. One of the best surnames I've ever heard!)

Which brings me onto more future plans and bloggy bits - next week I have at least two arty events lined up which I can hopefully blog about, and I'm going to share with you the pretty things I've bought over the past couple of days, AND I have loads of clothes to sell! So keep your peepers peeled for all of that.

Last, but definitely not least! Plans for a second South West Blogger Meet are being made as we speak!! It will be in Bristol again, on Friday August 12th! Please put it in your diary, book it off work, make transport plans etc because this WILL be happening! We're still in the very early stages of planning so if you have any bright ideas, please send them our way! To register your interest please email me AND Bee at: AND !!

Thursday 23 June 2011

sweet treats.

Sorry I haven't been a very interesting blogger this week, I've been ill and busy. Yesterday was spent cleaning and tidying, and most of today was spent scanning in drawings, apart from a 2 hour break to go shopping - which is where we found these yummy treats! I've tried one so far (the biscuity looking thing at the top) and it was heaven in my mouth. £3.90 well spent I think!

Also, I want to say big thank you to all of you for reading :) I've just passed 1000 readers and it makes my heart feel big and happy knowing that you're all interested in what I get up to!

Tuesday 21 June 2011

feast your eyes #2

I've been ill for the past few days with a nasty bug, so I haven't had the energy to put together any blogs. I thought I'd share some of my recent favourite images from my tumblr again. This might become a regular thing. Some of the images click through to their source.

Sunday 19 June 2011

flowers and bees.

Here's what I wore yesterday. I was aaaaall about mixing yummy colours like coral and lilac - colours that probably shouldn't go together but kind of do. My fringe also did this weird quiff thing that I actually quite like. I wore a coat I got from Primark years ago with a floral dress I got from H&M the other day. I love the print on this dress, the colours are great and have a vintage feel, I think. My trusty New Look belt and Primark brogues, and Urban Outfitters glasses.

Saturday 18 June 2011

print party.

My favourite prints of the day, especially the one on the left!

Today I went with my mum to one of my favourite places, Dartington. It's a very arty place, and they have various workshops including one for all kinds of printing. They're trying to raise money for a new press, and held a tea party with loads of cakes and you got a print to take home included in the price of a ticket! I think they raised around £3000 today!

It was a very inspiring afternoon!

Pretty pleased with my colour combinations today. Nailvarnish is Models Own, rings are H&M. Will blog my outfit tomorrow!

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