Friday 27 May 2011

south west blogger meet!

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Hello lovely ones!

So sorry it's been a while since Bee and I last mentioned the meet up! It's creeping up on us fast (it's just 3 weeks away now!) It's still a bit up in the air, but after hearing back from you lot, we should have a proper plan set out.

Here is what we're thinking:

Meet at 12:00pm at the big steps at Cabot Circus, Bristol. It's in the main courtyardy bit so you should be able to find us, we'll make sure we're super visible!

Next, up to the 3rd floor to have some lunch (we need your input with that - see below!) I'm already looking forward to eating...!

Then head off for a bit of shopping. I'm going to draw up a map next week to show good places to visit - if you have any good tips don't hesitate to email me!

Finally we'll meet around 3 or 4pm for some tea/coffee and cake before going our separate ways! Hopefully we can find a nice place that we can all fit in!

Here's where YOU come in:

If you're still interested in coming to the meet up on June 16th we need you to email us both with your confirmation and your choose of the following restaurants to go to for lunch:

Frankie and Benny's
La Tasca
Gourmet Burger
Bella Italia

The choice with the most votes will be where we head for our yummy lunch!

Email us both at: and

Thursday 26 May 2011


I like things to be autobiographical.

Things have lost meaning. People buy things because they have a status, instead of having memories and feelings attached to them. There needs to be more reason, less impulse. More thought and loving.

Obtain something because it reminds you of the way she moves. Put that special stone in the pocket of your jacket and smile every time you rediscover it. Keep a secret treasure because it reminds you of the time he looked at you in that way which made your knees shake.

The world will shake.

here's the 1970s shirt my mum gave me by the way! it's so soft. i feel like a cross between my mum, my aunt, a hippy, a thunderbird and a hipster today. i kind of like it though. urban outfitters glasses. 99p shop/accessorize/lazy oaf necklaces. friendship bracelets - one super old, one from ella. h&m/galibary rings. h&m leggings.

I've been keeping pretty busy lately working on some commissions (sneak peak of some dandelions and pearls work below) and thinking about Brighton Fashion Week. It turns out I probably can't go now, as I can no longer stay at my friend's flat. In a way I'm kind of relieved as I was jumping in at the deep end as far as my anxiety is concerned.

I'm going to plan lots of great things to do instead, including possibly Bournemouth Tattoo Convention this weekend, lots of making and drawing, and remembering who I am. I feel a bit lost lately. Nearly everything is lacking in consistency. A lot of things don't feel real or right (with one or two brilliant exceptions) I've definitely not been feeling myself over the past couple of months, and that needs to be sorted out immediately.

Also, people keep asking me about the tattoo on my wrist. It's the moon, and I have it for many personal reasons.
(not the best photo of it, but oh well!)

Wednesday 25 May 2011


As Brighton Fashion Week edges ever closer, my excitement and anxiety levels are raising higher and higher... what am I going to wear? Am I going to know anyone there? Will I be stood on my own like a lemon? What's going to happen at the events that I'm going to? WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??!

Well, now you too can have such questions bubbling around in your head, if you enter the competition above! I know you all have great style, so head over to the BFW facebook page and get submitting your photos!

The events I'm going to are...:

Tuesday 31st of May - Brighton Fashion Week Launch Party, held in a secret location. I'm excited to see what surprises there will be, but I'm also most nervous about this one because there is absolutely no information about it!

Wednesday 1st of June - War Child Charity Gig.
Delight your musical senses with a bill of some of the UK’s freshest up and coming musical talent, or Indulge in your best 50’s attire for an evening Rock and Roll Off. Expect Jive dancers, captivating performances and an eclectic atmosphere bound to delivera night to remember. A music and fashion spectacular supporting the charity War Child. Rock and Roll Off between dJ’s dave Mumbles and Lucky Phil from Brighton Rumble and DJ’s Steph and Jon from Born Bad. Main Room Line up: Jouis, Filfthy Boy, Le Shark, The Agitator, dark horses and a Nick hollywood White Mink AV show.

Thursday 2nd of June - Brighton Frocks Show.
A dramatic and visually astounding Theatrical performance showcasing off the wall designer collections in an unconventional manner. Expect dynamic, colourful and eclectic performances. See this show for an unforgettable catwalk experience. designers: Charlotte Appleby, Afton Ayache, Former Glory, Briar Rose Kelleher, Katie Newsam, Bugsy Pants, Sarina Poppy, I Am. Ralph, Red Mutha, Joy Williams.

There's a full line up of events here, tickets can be bought here, and for any other information, please visit the Brighton Fashion Week website!

Hope to see some of you there, and good luck with the competition! :)

Sunday 22 May 2011

rootin' tootin' and car bootin'.

sorry about the quality of these photos above, the light was crap! WEARING: headscarf - vintage (my mum's!) ; dress - charity shop £5 (originally fever)

Today, my flatmate and I finally got around to doing a car boot sale! We decided we should dress up all retro and 50s, and boy did we look good. It was quite fun once it got busy, and we attracted quite a few customers. I don't think we sold anything for more than £3, but that's what car booting is all about - buying/selling stuff dirt cheap. I think we made about £55 total, which isn't too bad.

It was completely necessary for us to go to the diner afterwards, seeing as we'd made so much effort. Strawberry milkshakes and curly fries were devoured.

I am SO exhausted now. I'm in my pyjamas in bed!

Saturday 21 May 2011

common symbols.

Yesterday I received a t-shirt from Rob Hodgson. I'd been eyeing up his Common Symbols t-shirts for a while, but once my money had come through they'd sold out. Luckily I vaguely know him, so he sent me a cheeky one. Thanks Rob, I love iiiit!

Today I spent the afternoon at my Mum's house again, sorting through old clothes and things I'm going to take to the carboot sale tomorrow. Shockingly, I've never been to a carboot sale (not that I remember anyway), which seems completely ridiculous as they seem like my kind of thing. Mum also gave me one of her shirts from the 70s. It's a beautiful soft floral shirt, and you better believe it'll be in an outfit post soon!

Time to go and digest my fish and chips, and continue sorting out my carboot stuff!

WEARING: sunglasses - new look; t-shirt - rob hodgson ; jeans - topshop ; shoes - peacocks ; watch - oasis ; friendship bracelets - one I've had forever, one from ella masters ; canine teeth ring - galibardy.

Thursday 19 May 2011

kinda lonely cannelloni.

I decided to make Cannelloni yesterday, after seeing it on This Morning the day before. I changed the recipe somewhat to suit my tastes/what was in the fridge. I urge you to make some. You can put whatever you want in it and it'll be delicious. Oh my god just look at it.

It made my lonely evening MUCH more bearable!!

Wednesday 18 May 2011

little lyzi, mr moon and the cuddly catfish.

Today I came home from buying cannelloni ingredients to find the postman had delivered a belated birthday present. This is a super painting of me as a mermaid, by my talented and wonderful friend Blondie. I love it so much I can't even explain.

To see the thoughts behind the painting, visit her blog here.

Just a quick post today, and I have a question for you lot - are any of you going to Brighton fashion week??

I need to decide over the next couple of days. I have somewhere I can stay and I can afford the train back, but I'd really like to see some familiar faces there as it's really rather daunting otherwise! Especially seeing as I've never gone to something like this! Eeeeek!

Tuesday 17 May 2011

you are a precious presence.

Sometimes, I feel so so so lucky to have such big-hearted people in my life. I often get a bit down and disappointed in humanity, but times like the weekend just gone, I realise there are some absolute gems in the world. It's sad that it sometimes seems so rare to meet people who are thoughtful, and genuinely care about others. I can't believe that I've had the good fortune to have such lovelies in my life. It's not just the lovely, funny and thoughtful presents, but the nice words in their cards, the hugs and just having them around me.

Dearie me, I'm gushing a lot. To sum up - I love my family and friends SO much, and here are some of the lovely things they gave to me for my birthday!

(top-bottom: bathroom goodies from my auntie Jacky + her family; funny card and tooth necklace from Kristian; kitchen stuff from my brother Jamie and sister-in-law Lucy; paper aquarium and cat card from Elliott; Jersey Shore books and incense from Kayley; ninjabread men cutters from Chloé, Alf's cup & saucer, owl and diamond card from Oli; amazing package full of goodies from Ella; flowers from Sophy and family friends, Paul and Sue; money from aunts and uncles; big Cath Kidston mug from my Granny; M&S underwear and awesome card from my mum (she also got me a Bestival ticket!!); lots of lovely birthday cards!)

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