Sunday 31 July 2011

soft shock.

If you follow me on twitter, you may know that a few days ago I was on a little mission to surprise my boyfriend on tour.

Phase 1 was roping in his sister (who calls me Onion) so that I'd know when they'd be in Bristol.

Phase 2 was supposed to be getting in a van to Bristol with my friend Chris. Due to some complications, that couldn't happen, but Chris gave me his return train ticket and I ended up getting to his house before him! Had an interesting night watching him & his housemates try to get a sofa into their lounge, and laughing about what noises I think insects should make.

did a little video of my EXCITING journey... nice song though! modest mouse - so much beauty in dirt

The next day I wandered around people setting up stalls for the Harbour Festival and killed time at the shops.

There were these gorillas everywhere.. I'm not entirely sure why, but they were pretty cool! Also I saw this boat named after one of my favourite bloggers ;)

I played a game which involved going around Urban Outfitters picking up things I liked, and not looking at the prices. Turned out none of the things looked very good on, so it didn't really matter how much they were anyway!

The print on this shirt was pretty awesome though... Next I sat and had a big cup of tea for free (thanks to the Nero loyalty card) and read a bit of Bukowski, but it was so hard to concentrate!

(I wore Topshop jeans and shoes, charity shop tee and scarf, New Look sunglasses, and red nails)

I decided to wander up to where the band would be playing that evening, and there was a bar next door with doors that opened out, so the whole front of the bar basically disappeared apart from some iron railings. The perfect place to sit and wait for them!

I was so excited by this time that I just had to have a gin to calm myself down, and all promises of taking photos went out of the window. After a little while, I saw the van pull up and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I saw that Elliott was in the front seat, he glanced at me, looked away, then looked back and I saw him say "WHAT?!" - at which point I burst into fits of laughter in the bar on my own...

I ran out to meet them and was greated by lots of hugs and sarcasm, and had a really good night. We all stayed in Bath that night, and spent some time in the town, which was lovely! I've never really spent any time there and I want to go back. It's so pretty!

Anyway, my little mission was a success. Here's to more surprises :)

Thursday 28 July 2011

seeing spots.

During my teenage years, I was really flat chested. I could barely fill an AA cup and it got me down. I'd stuff my bras but I'd still get teased. WELL LOOK AT ME NOW. I have boobs. So there.

A while ago, I was contacted asking if I'd like to go for a fitting with Bravissimo. Unfortunately, none of their stores were anywhere near me, so instead they offered me a phone fitting.

I was a little dubious of how they could fit a bra for me over the phone. They informed me that the linear measurements can be inaccurate, and they usually fit by eye, without tape measures! They asked me about the fit of the bra I was wearing, how old it was and how I washed my bras. They recommend that you handwash, as over time, in hot water, the elastine can break down and the under wire can come out.

Turned out the bra I was wearing was way too big around my body (I was wearing a 34 and should've been wearing a 30!) but the cup size was right. When you go down in the back measurements, you go UP in cup size. So they told me I'd be a 30E! (although this will probably vary for different brands) Now for someone who went through their teenage years having no boobs whatsoever, this took a little getting used to!

I tried a couple of styles and sizes before I got the right fit. It took quite a whle, but the staff on the other end of the phone were always really friendly and helpful. I ended up with this ridiculously cute retro set, and I love it!

Wednesday 27 July 2011


I dressed for the beach today, but didn't end up going because the clouds kept lurking around. The top is from the Peacocks sale. I can't remember how much it was, all I can remember is that the changing room smelled of sweat - so gross. The belt is Topshop and the shorts are vintage Lee Cooper jeans that have been cut off. I feel like a bag of sweets dressed like this, and with different shades of pink on my nails!

I popped into town today and got these loafers reheeled. They are now for sale over at the Being Little Shop! Go and buy them, you know you want to :) some of the other items have a new lower price too!

Finally, if you hadn't already noticed, I've added a FAQ page. If you have any questions that have not been answered there, just send me an email!

Tuesday 26 July 2011

slow days.

Spent the night at Mum's last night because we were going to go up the river on a boat today, but that didn't end up happening :( so I've just been sitting around outside with the flowers, writing and eating cherries. It was SO hot outside, I had to come in and cool down! I'm not used to such stunning weather! I'd kind of accepted the fact that summer wasn't going to happen, but it's only gone and proved me wrong!

I love being here on a sunny day because I can sit outside and not be disturbed by all the tourists that are everywhere now, and the flowers are so pretty. Not to mention my lovely cats and all the free food (ha!) It makes me feel so fuzzy inside when I call for Kimi and she comes running up meowing when she sees that it's me, and finding another cat in a very warm, thick plastic garden bag :)


My time away was bloody brilliant. Going to sleep and waking up with Elliott everyday, getting to know his family, friends and bandmates better, going to a festival and watching them play, free beer, watching films and drawing together, a big meal with everyone before they head off on tour, long goodbyes. I loved every second, even when it started raining on Friday night and my legs and feet got so wet and cold that they hurt.

As per usual, before I set off I promised myself I'd take loads of photos, but I ended up just taking a few in the tour van on the way back from the festival. Unsurprisingly, everyone looks highly unattractive in them, so they will not be appearing on the blog..! There are a couple of photos here of me and the girls watching the boys on stage which Gem took. There are loads more photos of the event, so click here to see the rest!

Finally, check out my awesome new green highwaisted shorts! I found an old pair of Lee Cooper jeans in the men's section of a charity shop in Andover and had to get them! Chopped 'em off and there we have it. Lovely forest green shorts, ready to take me through to the autumn! I got a few other bits in the charity shops in Andover and will blog about them in the next few days!

Friday 22 July 2011

low & lazy.

The other day I trimmed my fringe and put a little semi-permanent dye on my hair as I was bored of it and felt like a mess. I was well pleased with myself, as you might be able to tell! Smug.

Also, I made this kitty for Kayley's boyfriend. He gave me an old pair of jeans and asked me to make one to put in his car. S.O.S. LOW & LAZY.

Wednesday 20 July 2011

miss me.

I'm sure you won't, especially as I've scheduled some posts while I'm away. I'm off to stay with my boy for a few days. I got so excited about it earlier that I felt sick and was shaking! Haha silly. And at the weekend his band (Kids Can't Fly) are playing at Redfest, and I get to go too :) fun filled few days I think!

Tuesday 19 July 2011


Just a little something for the boy :)

New pretty and cheap items over at the Being Little Shop! Just put up this morning!

Monday 18 July 2011


Festival season has been underway for a few months, and hopefully, if you're going to any, the sun will shine for you! People often worry about what to wear to festivals, because you don't want to take too much, but you still want to look good and be prepared for whatever the Great British weather may throw at you.

I think the best things to pack are light dresses, shorts and little tops, and then throw in some leggings, a cardigan/coat and wellies for when it's a bit colder/raining. And don't forget to accessorize! Go nuts!

This is a little festival outfit I put together to give you an idea - I'd throw this on with a pair of sandals, or Dr Martens boots and a hat if the rains came. EVERYTHING YOU SEE HERE IS FOR SALE OVER AT THE BEING LITTLE SHOP!

vintage summer fair.

Yesterday, despite the showers, me and Mum went to Stoke Gabriel Summer Fair. There was a 1940's theme and it was really fun, especially when the sun made a brief appearance.

Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery halfway through, so I didn't get photos of some of the best bits (old school popcorn and candyfloss stand, all the dogs in the show, the amazing juggler dressed in 1940s uniform) but I took a few photobooth photos when I got home to bulk it out.

The mug was by a local artist, and I fell in love with the polka dots inside! There were proper British cream teas, lots of stalls selling all sorts of pretty things, games and music.

I was also reminded of the saddest book in the world - Granpa. My mum pointed it out to me because the illustrations reminded her of her dad (my grandad), so I flicked through to the end to show her why it was so sad. The image of Granpa's empty chair and the little girl asking where he was upset me so much, I actually let some tears slip out. It's almost impossible to get over this grief, it's been nearly 8 years now I think. I miss him so much still and I'm fighting back the tears writing this.

I also came home to find my prize from Emma had arrived! Thank you Emma I love it so much!

I don't want to use the lipstick and ruin the cats face though, it's too cute!!

Finally, I don't think I mentioned the drawing that little Hugo did for me on Saturday! When I told him I was an illustrator, he offered to draw me a squid! This isn't a very good quality photo, but I might scan it in properly sometime because I think it's wonderful.

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