Thursday 30 September 2010

bits and bobs.

A variety of things to share today...

I have been battling with exhaustion even more than usual lately. I have a cold which I can't seem to shake. Today I opted for comfy clothes - a big t-shirt and a really soft shirt from the men's section of Uniqlo. I have beautifully accessorized this with a tube support bandage thing. I'm not sure what I've done to my arm, but it really bloody hurts! (Hence my unimpressed face, haha) I think it may be because I keep sleeping on it...

Anyway, I had a cup of tea and an apricot flapjack (sooooo goooood) with my best friend while he was on his lunchbreak. It was really good to catch up, but it wasn't for long enough! So hopefully I'll see him again soon. While I was in town I picked up a few things from Boots:

Rimmel 60 Seconds nailpolish in 805 Grey Matter and 600 Deliciously Dark. I had the grey one already but I've misplaced it - it's a really lovely soft colour. The other is a dark reddy purple colour, really deep, almost black - it literally is delicous. I put it on as soon as I got home and I love it! Perfect for autumn/winter.

The other two are products I'm trying out. I've heard a lot of good things about primers, yet I've never actually tried one myself. I have quite oily skin and I HATE when it gets all shiny, so I really hope these products work! I am trying them out on half of my face, while on the other side I have what I usually use (Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, and Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder). I've had it on for an hour or two and so far it's doing brilliantly!!!

Finally here's a really lovely little song :)

Monday 27 September 2010



new haul.

As always, I've been browsing the internet for some beautiful bargains. Here is what I managed to pick up...

Firstly, this rusty skirt from Zara. I feel like I AM autumn when I wear it, I love the rusty colour. It's going to go with SO many things. It's really soft and drapes beautifully, and the pocket detail is so cute! PLUS, it was packaged really nicely - wrapped in delecate paper with a lovely sticker, in a simple cardboard box.

Next, these little booties from Chockers Shoes. I was really unsure of this website, because of the, quite frankly, ridiculous name and overall style of the site. However, I was very pleasantly surprised, despite the tacky box, and the smell of plasticy shoes. They are really cute, and remind me of these Topshop boots I have been lusting after. The sizing comes up a little bigger than usual - I was considering ordering size four so that I could fit some cosy socks on underneath when it gets a little colder, but there is plenty of room in these size threes.

Third up, pictured above and below, is my cute little watch from the sale at Oasis. In the photo it says it was £15, but it was marked down to £10, which I think is an absolute bargain. I love the colour - I think it will go with everything! I was considering the other colours, and they used to have multi-coloured ones, but I thought this would be a more sensible buy. I love it and I've barely taken it off since it arrived.

Finally, although these are not from the internet I thought I'd share them anyway, these lovely bits of lace. I'm planning on customizing a few items of clothing I already have (including the checked shirt pictured above) with this lace. I couldn't resist getting so many different kinds, I love the beigey tones - they look really vintage.

Anyway, dinner is cooking so I better skip off!

Thursday 23 September 2010


For the next week or so I will be researching squids, and possibly wolves. All will become clear. Also, look at this awesome painting, haha! Why is that wolf underwater, and why is it dancing with a squid?

Tuesday 21 September 2010

duvet day.

I don't feel to chipper today, bit of a horrible cold going on.
Luckily this afternoon, conversations about forts and not growing up, and this little guy cheered me up no end:

Think I'm feeling strong enough to make those trousers into shorts, and maybe make a skirt out of this shirt which makes me look a little trampy.. and put the dinner on!

Monday 20 September 2010

charity shop haul: day one.

Pretty pleased with this little lot. The jumper is so soft and cosy, and looks like it was hand-knitted by an old lady. I love the fact that cable knit jumpers are in shops at the moment, for example this one from Topshop, and I got mine for £4! I love this shirt as well, the colours feel really autumnal to me, and I think it would look amazing tucked into this skirt from Zara. I was attracted to the trousers because of the colour, and I love plaid/tartan. They are not particularly flattering, and they kind of look like I think I'm going to do a bit of cutting and sewing and make them into some little shorts, they'll be pretty similar to the ones in my last post! LOVELY!

Saturday 18 September 2010

to the mysterious "r".

Your comment brought happy tears to my eyes!! I appreciate your words SO much!!! Thank you :) I had a few gin and tonics myself last night, so you're all good in my book. The best people drink gin. Who are you?!

Friday 17 September 2010


Please excuse my big scruffy manshirt!!! I'm a little under the weather so I didn't make any effort.

This afternoon, I've had a truly delightful Devonshire time. My Mum met me off the ferry, and we got a Devon icecream topped with Devon cream, then we drove over to Strete Gate and did some blackberry picking! Look how many we got! And look how beautiful it is there.
There were still LOTS of blackberries that were still red, which means there are a good few weeks of blackberry picking left. When they're all gone, I'm going to make jam I think :) and depending on how many I gather, perhaps some icecream!!

Wednesday 15 September 2010

so much style for one little lady.

Recently, my good friend James linked me to a video of Janelle Monae singing live on David Letterman. I instantly fell in love. She has incredible style - that hair for a start! All her looks have a retro/vintage feel, whether it be more casual/pretty looks:

Or sharp suits:

She can pull off a suit better than any woman I have ever seen. She doesn't end up looking androgynous really, she's just too pretty for that.

Plus, she has an absolutely amazing voice. And look at those moves, for goodness sake!

(I urge you to also check out the actual video for Tightrope, the embed code has been disabled otherwise I would've posted it. You can check it out here.)

autumn excitement.

I want to be cosy in bed while it's cold and rainy outside, watching cartoons and making secret forts. I want to watch the leaves as they change colour to match my red duffle coat. I want to collect blackberries to make jam, and chestnuts for roasting on the fire. I want to jump in big piles of crunchy leaves while wearing big jumpers, thick wooly tights and boots. I want a mittened hand holding my mittened hand.

What is it about autumn that makes me want to snuggle up with someone nice? Sigh!

Tuesday 14 September 2010

national cupcake week!

It's National Cupcake Week this week, and what better excuse to have a friend around for a few cups of tea and lots of cupcakes. We made fruit muffins and chocolate cupcakes. The fruit muffins failed to rise, and then sank in the middle...but we covered it up with icing! The chocolate chip cupcakes were GORGEOUS, using the recipe me and my mum pretty much always use to make cakes. We topped them with melted chocolate and white chocolate stars!! Chocolate overdose!

Also, I guess this is a good time to show off the scales I got from Totnes Market last Friday. They cost £15, down from £25 thanks to my shameless flirting ;)

Now, get baking!


Oh. My. God. So I was casually browsing the internet, looking for some nice lace-up boots, when I came across two completely perfect pairs from Office. Look at them in all their glory:

I love them so so so so so much. Please will someone give me £152 so I can get both? PLEASE?!


Monday 13 September 2010

you are a little boy from the 90s.

Is what I was described as when I wore this today, just before going out for noooooodles with my girls! Yum yum!

From the top....
Headband - handmade.
Sunglasses - New Look.
Jacket - H&M.
T-shirt - Ebay.
Leggings - H&M.
Shoes - Topshop.

photographs of happy times.

Yeah so I finally got those three disposable cameras developed!
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