Sunday 15 September 2013

a vintage wedding in cornwall.

Last weekend, a whole bunch of family & friends got together in Cornwall to celebrate the marriage of my beautiful cousin Ruth and her equally gorgeous lady, Lisa. 

Doug and I travelled down in the drizzle on Friday to help set up. There was loads to do, including hanging about 200m of bunting handmade by my aunt, decorating jars to be used as tea light holders & vases, and generally making the place look pretty. It was hard work, but definitely worth it!

The next morning, there were a few last minute bits to get done before getting all vintaged up. I was obviously very last minute and still had curlers in my hair as everyone was arriving! My best bud Oli came along (I actually met him through Ruth 10 years ago!) with his lady, and to be perfectly honest, we all looked very dapper. 

The sun came out just in time for the ceremony, which was lovely and personal. It ended with everyone tying a piece of ribbon around Ruth & Lisa's wrists, which was something I'd never heard of or seen before, but looked beautiful.  We continued the afternoon with lots of drinking, speeches, cake, more drinking, some eating, dancing and a bloody good time!

Just goes to show, the prettiest and most personal weddings are much much cheaper, especially if you're willing to put in a lot of hard work and have lots of friends & family to help!

I would like to do it all again, and luckily I'll be heading back down to Cornwall next weekend for a certain pretty lady's wedding!

Friday afternoon rain

Decorating jam jars

Doug hanging pom poms

The girls' bouquets

My favourite boys & their pipes

I wore a vintage headscarf, dress & bag, and h&m sunglasses !

The beautiful girls & their proud fathers

Tying the knot

The handsome vintage car the girls arrived in

Doug and I :)

My mum and I


The best straws ever!

The cake!

Cutting the cake

Silly me and my adorable niece Evelyn

Me & my cousin Ruth / Ruth & Oli

Photobooth fun!

Drinking atop the haybales

The end of the night.

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  1. This is the cutest! Their cake looks spectacular. Love both of their outfits too. Oli looks cute dressed up all smart! Haha. Looks like you all had an amazing weekend xx

  2. this is so cute, i love the photobooth! congrats to them both :) x

  3. Oh my gosh this is just wonderful! I've always wanted a barn kind of reception like this too with Irish dancing (I'm not even Irish..) I want to get married in a little chapel I think. I've thought about this too much haha!
    You cousin and her wife look absolutely beautiful and your dress looks delightful.

  4. The entire ceremony looks truly beautiful!!! It looks like everyone had such a great time!! I also LOVE the whole 'vintage' theme, never seen that before with a wedding!! Congratulations to them both!! :D


  5. What an amazing event to be a part of! Everything looked perfect, from the girls themselves, to the decor, to the cake (oh my, the cake!). Thank you for sharing, the photos turned out beautifully!

    - Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  6. You look lovely Lyzi! It looks like such a beautiful wedding, and that cake looks utterly scrummy! x

  7. well this is all very pretty and you and Doug both look very dapper :)

  8. This looks like the most wonderful day! Everybody looked beautiful, especially the brides <3
    And that CAKE! Oh gosh, perfect wedding. xo

  9. What a beautiful wedding. My friend is also having a vintage barn style wedding so i'm gonna have to link this to her!
    They both looked lovely and so did you, your dress and head scarf go so perfectly well together !

    Oh and that cake...YUM


  10. So, so beautiful! The ladies look absolutely stunning and you look gorgeous as ever! Looks like it was wonderful ceremony :) x

  11. Oh, this looks absolutely lovely. I love the idea of literally 'tying the knot' and the cake looks delicious(!)

  12. What a beautiful wedding, I love your outfit too :)

  13. This looks like such a beautiful wedding. I love the girls' shrugs and that cake looks delicious!

    Shelly x

  14. SO beautiful! Wish all my friends would start getting married! x

  15. This is so lovely, I'm 13 and now I want to get married! :P ;)

  16. Aww it looks like a lovely day and that cake is the most beautiful wedding cake I've ever seen!

  17. This looks absolutely incredible, and I love the ribbon idea. The straws are such a cute addition and you look lovely!

  18. Aww this looks like such an adorable wedding - I love that everything was handmade! Your dress is so pretty and the brides both look beautiful! xx

  19. Wow, this is SO beautiful. The flowers are gorgeous! I photograph a lot of weddings but this looks like the prettiest event ever. :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  20. Love the cake! I so want some cake right now! They look so beautiful, glad they had such a wonderful day x

  21. I'm so gutted I couldn't make it! What a beautiful day <3

  22. Awh these pictures are stunning, it looks like they (and all the rest of you) had such a wonderful day!x

    p.s. your sunglasses are gorgeous!

  23. Oh how gorgeous! The brides' dresses are so beautiful xoxo

  24. This looks PERFECT, I especially love the photobooth :) It's nice to see both brides wearing frocks too, their stoles are just gorgeous <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  25. Such beautiful photos and what a lovely wedding! Congrats to the happy couple! x

    ✿ Emily | Honey Loaf xx


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