Friday 31 August 2012

blue moon.

Dartmouth Regatta is in full swing, and today we went over to sample the delights.. lots of tourists, rowing, noisy aircraft, market stalls.. I'll be blogging about that another day, but I just wanted to quickly show you this sweet top I picked up in a vintage shop today.

Tucked out of the way of the main streets, there's a perfect jam-packed vintage shop, full of beautiful old things. There are so many treasures in there, I could easily spend hours in there discovering things. 

This top was hidden underneath a few things, but the patterns caught my eye straight away. It looked so wearable, and I was right. I haggled the man down to £4, and teamed it here with my AA easy jeans, and lapis lazuli heart pendant that a lovely friend of mine gave to me.

Also, it may seem strange that this blog post is titled "blue moon", but it's because tonight there is a blue moon! It means that there is two full moons in one month, I believe. Enjoy it :)

Thursday 30 August 2012

pink to make the boys wink.

Today I finally got around to altering some of the clothes I thrifted while in Paris. Most of the clothes I bought need a little something doing to them before they will really suit me.

This skirt was something that Sadie decided she didn't want, so I snapped it up. I've never been much of a pink girl until recently, and I fell in love with the colour and the gigantic pockets. I'm a sucker for a pocket. 

It was a very unflattering length, so today I took it up and it was so perfect that I had to put it on immediately. I love how it picks up the pink flowers in this H&M top. I teamed it with Models Own nailvarnish in Lilac Dream, my lilyloveslola bracelet, and my cat transfer tattoo from Harriet!

Monday 27 August 2012


On Sunday, I spent pretty much the entire day outdoors, in one of my favourite areas of Devon. Totnes, Dartington and the surrounding villages are so pretty and friendly, and I sincerely hope I end up living there one day!

In the morning, mum and I got up to sunshine, and headed over to the Totnes Show, which we hadn't been to in years! It's basically an agricultural show, but there's loads more to see and do, including food, crafts, and interesting informative stands like the Time To Change stand, which I spent a long time at.. more on that another day though!

I loved wandering around looking at all the creatures, including my favourite little Evelyn, who has learnt to do a piggy face. We also watched the lovely Matthew & Me atop a windy hill. My thighs turned purple from the cold but it was worth it! (They still need donations for a new van - please help them out!) 

We went home for a little rest, and then zoomed over to Dartington, where we were volunteering for the Outdoor Film Festival! Such a lovely little setting, and it turned out Matthew was there too. We had a nice little chat about collaborating on some exciting things on the blog!

There was a little buzz in the air, as well as a slight chill, and it was lovely watching people arrive with armfuls of blankets. There was even a couple who set up their own little table and chairs, complete with champagne!

As soon as it was dark enough, the film was on and there was a hush all around. I'd never seen Some Like It Hot before, and I absolutely loved it! So funny, sexy and romantic. It was lovely to see Marilyn Monroe on the big screen, with the eerie moon peeking out of the clouds behind it.

I was very chilly by the end of it, but it was the best day I've had in a long time. I think I'm going to go and watch Batman on Wednesday night! I will just have to remember to take some blankets and a flask of tea :)

Saturday 25 August 2012


My friend linked me to this song the other day, and since then I've listened to it at least a few times every day. I thought it only right that I shared such a beautiful song with you guys, too. It sounds like my brain at the moment.

Friday 24 August 2012

Outside my mother's house, these frilly hollyhocks are blooming. They're one of the prettiest flowers I've ever seen, and when one fell off today, I brought it up to my room and realised they're a very similar colour to my hair. 

At the moment, I'm enjoying plain tops that highlight my fun hair, and so I thought I'd pair a plain men's tee with my favourite skirt, that I made a couple of years ago. It's been getting quite a lot of wear recently. 

I'm really pleased with my hair colour at the moment, and I keep getting questions about it.. after a few photos I'll try to answer some of these..

If you've been reading my blog since before May, you'll know that my hair used to be dyed very dark brown. To strip this colour I used ColorB4, which stripped it back to a dark gingery colour. I then went to my friend Mel at Portobello and she made it a little lighter, and put some pinky tones in. 

Since then, I've been back to Mel to make it lighter, then used some home hairdye kits. The best one I've found is Superdrug Lightest Beige Blonde, which removes any sort of brassy/yellow tones! I then trimmed the ends because they were super damaged from the bleaching!

As for the pinkyness, I use Directions in Tulip, mixed with a LOT of conditioner, to get it to this pastel/barely-pink tone. It's cool because you can top it up every time you wash your hair, and it makes your hair all silky.

I hope I've answered your hair questions! Let me know if I missed anything out!


Thursday 23 August 2012

I've blogged about Matthew & Me briefly before, after seeing them at a local music festival. We listen to their EP a lot in the car, and I follow them on Twitter and Facebook - I'm very keen to support local talent when I come across it.

Recently, they sent messages out and tweeted about the fact that their tour van had died :( they've set up a page where you can donate however much you like to help them get a new one! Something that's even better, is for that certain amounts you can get something back, too! Like EPs, t-shirts.. you can even get them to come and play in your house! I personally think they'd be great at an intimate wedding, but apparently no one wants to marry me, so...

They're 22% of the way to their shiny new van, even just a couple of quid will help! Go donate :)

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Hello! It's that time of the month again where I hassle you all to advertise on my blog!

I be offer three different packages - small ad, large ad, and a blog post feature/giveaway. Advertising begins on the 1st of each month, and payment is required at least one day beforehand.

More info and statistics and stuff can be found here!

If you feel your blog or company would benefit from advertising on Being Little, please email me at for rates and negotiation. If you wish to purchase advertising space for more than one month, I'd be happy to cut a deal with you!

Please remember, I am only happy to advertise your blog or company if I think it fits in with the feel of my blog. 

Tuesday 21 August 2012

The lovely Voucher Codes people asked me to show how I would take summer outfits into autumn/winter, just by using a few key pieces. I immediately thought of loads of ways I could update some of my favourite summer outfits..


Here I updated a casual daytime outfit by taking the sun hat away, adding a simple cardigan and some statement boots. I've seen a lot of animal print boots around recently, but I've been after these since I fell in love with them at the Next a/w press day.


Coloured denim is one of my new favourite things, and this cotton shirt is so light it can be worn from the summer into the autumn. These high waisted skinny jeans and collar pins give the outfit a whole new edge. Collar accessories are everywhere at the moment, and I love this beautiful pearly pin.


This versatile floral dress gets a lot of wear from me! It's simple enough to wear casually, but pretty enough to be dressed up. As I live in England, a waterproof bag in the autumn/winter months is essential. This satchel is roomy enough to fit everything I need in it, and smartens up an outfit.


This is a simple and pretty going-out outfit. Playsuits are great for chucking on and romping around in. Matching your tights to your heels is a great way to make your legs look really long, and keeps your legs nice and toasty at the same time! These tights are lovely and thick, and I'm sure I'll wear them a lot as it gets colder!

Have you started thinking about your autumn/winter wardrobe? How do you update your outfits?

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