Friday 28 December 2012

2012 highlights.

Lots of people are doing round-up posts of outfits and whatnot at the moment, but I thought I'd do a general bunch of highlights! I loved looking back over the past year, it showed me how far I've come, despite all the ups and downs...

You can click each photo to be taken to the corresponding blog post if you didn't read about it the first time around, or if you just want to re-live the memories like I did ;)

I gave my brother an illustration of a hummingbird, and he got it tattooed to represent his beautiful daughter, Evelyn, because she is a beautiful tiny bird.

Not exactly a highlight, but a massive thing in my life at the time - my flatmate left for a couple of months to travel around Thailand and Cambodia! I was left aaaaaall alone! But I did make her this fit cake before she left.

I finally got around to exploring the coastline around where I lived!

One of my favourite outfits of the year!

Feeling safe at my mother's house, hidden in the mist.

I got a disposable camera developed, and got to look back on about a year's worth of snaps!

I wasn't having a very happy time... but I wrote a blog post on my experiences with mental health, and got an overwhelming response. It encouraged me to talk about it more.

I saw the Olympic Torch and watched my good friend perform on stage at the party!

I had FUN PINK HAIR and an amazing 24th birthday full of my favourite people!

Another favourite/ridiculous outfit.

The jubilee! We had a party in our flat, including scones and cucumber sandwiches!

Kayley and I travelled to London to watch Blink 182! And to have a lovely couple of days with our lovely friend Blondie :)

I started doing volunteering - this was at a small local music festival - and was introduced to one of my favourite local bands.

Another favourite outfit. I felt like a 50s film star on her day off. As you can see I am quite the fan of these trousers..

Two scary things happened at the same time - Elliott and I broke up, and Kayley and I moved out of our flat! Some things had to change though, in order to move forward.

I didn't have time to get too sad because I had an amazing trip to Paris planned with my lovely Ella, Will and Kelly! It was incredible, and I definitely would've gone mad if I hadn't gone!

Enjoying spending time in my mum's garden, and a favourite outfit full of vintage.

Saying goodbye to my fun blondie/pinkie hair!

I enjoyed an incredibly stormy sea and it was totally exhilirating!

I FINALLY MOVED BACK TO BRISTOL!! With a lot of help from my parents!

And I've made very good friends with one of my neighbours....

One of my best friends came to visit me, and we did the Bristol Zombie Walk!

I pretended I was 6 and made a den in my room.

Things were getting on top of me, so I got a tattoo to shock me out of my sad state!

I had a ridiculously fun week in London, seeing lots of friends, drinking too much and going to press days!

I explored my vibrant and interesting city.

Trying to enjoy the cold, on a frosty morning walk.

Organising and hosting the SWBXmas Tea Party with Bee, Gina and Hayley. And getting to hang out with my best bloggy buds!

CHRISTMAS! The entire run-up, and winding down.

Other highlights include my only ever anniversary, all the press days I was kindly invited to, reaching 2000 gfc followers, working with some lovely brands, meeting loads of new people and spending time with amazing friends, all the outfits I've shared with you, sharing my love of food and recipes with you guys, the great art I've showcased...

But by far, the greatest highlight of 2012 has been getting to know this lovely creature, and watching her grow up. Every time I see her she's learnt something new, and she never ceases to amaze me. My favourite human in the world, my little niece, Evelyn Elizabeth.

I already have some brilliant things planned for 2013, and I'm pretty excited about life in general... I think it's going to be a good year. I'm not going to have any resolutions this year, as I always forget about them. The only thing to remember is POSITIVITY.

What have been your favourite things about 2012? What are you looking forward to next year?


  1. Your niece is gorgeous! Love all your outfit pictures, I wish I had your figure/wardrobe... I can't believe it's nearly 2013. Where is the time going?! xx

  2. Great round-up!

    In 2012 I moved 300 miles to Bristol and grew up a LOT. I wonder what 2012 will bring for us!

  3. I thoroughly enjoy'd this post. I love all of your photographs, especially of your den and mist around the houses.

  4. aaw your year sounds immense, hope 2013 is just as full of excitment for you. I'm looking forward to going to see loads more gigs, already booked loads of rickets and I want to plan a trip somewhere exciting in the summer x

  5. I absolutely love everything about you and your blog so much. I know I don't comment often but I read every post and yours is one of the few I really look forward to popping up on my feed.
    Thank you for letting us into your lovely life and I hope that 2013 is everything you want it to be :)

  6. The first time, I've commented on your blog although I'm always checking for updates.

    Just wanted to say, I thought this post was truly heart-warming, on account of its honesty :) also, your niece is adorable!

    Rebecca x

  7. this is a really nice post, i wish my life was half as interesting! all gorgeous photos. always love ready what you post xx

  8. Such a lovely overview of your year :) Thanks for sharing and all the best for 2013 x

  9. Wow, this made me realise how long I've been following you for! Looks like you had a lovely year overall.

    Sophie x x

  10. What a great round-up! Looks like you've had a brilliant year x

  11. this post was really great, you have some amazing outfits and other posts too. hope 2013 is fab for you too xxx

  12. I love your photos! They are very nice, especially the one about your mom's house hidden in mist. What camera are you using?

  13. I really enjoyed reading your post! I would be tempted to do my own roundup but I haven't taken enough pictures, so that's probably resolution 1. for next year :)

  14. Your 2012 has been chocka! I remember reading about so many of these things you did, it's lovely to put them all together again. You always make me wanna ink again too darn it! :) Here's to the next year, and hopefully to see much more of you! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  15. That is such a lovely post! I LOVE your pink hair. I also find it amazing that you can share your sad moments alongside your happy ones! I hope you have a great 2013
    Love Jess
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  16. Such a lovely post :)

    Karys x

  17. Love the vintage-style outfits, and the picture of the hummingbird blows me away every time.

  18. Just came across your blog and so glad I did...what a lovely post :)! Looks as if you've had a very exciting year...I hope 2013 brings you even more.


  19. I have just found your blog and I loves it! You niece is a litle beauty! Bring back the pink hair, it looks amazing! Happy New Year!

    Harriet x

  20. That hummingbird illustration is just just beautiful! you're talented fo sho.

    what a year for you! hope 2013 is as great

    Happy New Year girl!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  21. Your niece is so cute! Love the polka dot shorts too. Have an amazing 2013 and I hope its filled with all you want it to be :)


  22. God, I blinkin love your blog, every picture is so cool and your just so pretty with such amazing style. I'm inspired by your blonde hair, I've been dying to go blonde for a while, but seeing yours I just think it would be awesome :)

    Thank you :)



  23. I loved that hummingbird! Are there any pics of the actual tattoo? x

  24. I loved reading this blog post, I'm so happy to have stumbled on your blog :) you sound like a genuinely wonderful person, all arty and creative and all round fab. I'm in love with that photograph of the stormy sea, it looks so so beautiful - where was that? I love it when I see pictures of the sea and have the urge to go see the sea :) so thank you for an inspirational, enjoyable post x

  25. so happy to be a part of your amazing year, you should be so proud of yourself, you have grown into an amazing and precious friend, who i have shared some awesome moments of 2012, i am getting a little emotional as i write i think two of my favourite moments of 2021 were shared with you, the evening we ate dinner in the hotel room in paris hehe with those mini pizza crisps and endless amounts of boursin and laughing so loud at wills impression of posh spice whilst watching the closing ceremony of the olympics in paris! so wonderful and i want to thank you for being awesome i know you will conquer everything you choose to face in 2013 and seeing these beautiful photos from 2012 makes me realise how much of an inspiration you are to me my lil derek! hehe xxxx

  26. that was meant to say 2012 not 2021 ( im sure 2021 will be awesome too) lol

  27. Oh my god. How have I only just, stumbled onto your gorgeous little blog?! You have some simply beautiful photos! I just love the colour and feeling your photos have. SO following you from now on :)

  28. You take the most beautiful photographs! I am so glad to have found your blog. :-)


  29. What a lovely post and what an eventful year! Your photography is just brilliant..




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