Thursday 26 December 2013

our christmas day.

This year, the day was super special for me because I got to spend it with Doug. Soppy, I know, but I've never spent Christmas Day with a boyfriend before, so it was lovely. It was so fun to go downstairs together to find that the pile of presents had got even bigger! 

We gave each other our presents first (you can see what Doug got me at the bottom of this post!) and then moved on to our stockings. I was happy to see mine was full of the usual chocolate, socks and knickers, while Doug's was mostly a bottle of wine.. Father Christmas knows him well! 

After opening all of our presents, we got dressed and headed over to my brother's, where we saw lots of in-laws as well as my dad, and of course my two-year-old niece who was very excited! It's so lovely to see little ones starting to understand the magic of Christmas, as it's been a while since we've had little kids in the family! 

Next, we drove over to my Granny's for Christmas dinner. We sat in the steamy kitchen that smelled of roast, and Doug made some of the origami dinosaurs I got him. With a bit of teamwork, our lunch was finally ready, and as with every other year, I ate way too much. I was very glad I had my Vintage Style Me smock on!

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent on the sofas by the fire, nibbling on chocolates and drinking gin, before heading back to my mum's to do more of the same!

I thought I'd also share a few of the lovely gifts I was lucky enough to receive this year too. Above is a sweet little jug and a book that mum and I found in Totnes market one week. I was actually there when she bought it, but I'd totally forgotten about it! Look at the lovely illustrations below :)

Mum also got me this Russian doll set. I've wanted one for ages, and I have fallen in love with these little ladies, especially the way the faces get grumpier as they get smaller! 

The next photo is of all the stuff Doug got me! My favourite smelling soap, a bug brooch, a big David Shrigley book, a really cool Julia Pott tote bag, a Simon's Cat mug, and a chocolate snowman, which I also bought for Doug! Same brains.

Finally, a little present from Bee. Sure, these books are meant for kids, but I have the mental age of an 8 year old, so it's perfect. I can't wait to find my torch and look through them!

Hope all of your Christmasses were just as lovely!

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  1. It's so nice to see how lovely your Christmas was! :D Great pictures, you look great!

    I'm kind of sad that Christmas is already over...
    Valérie //

  2. aw these are some lovely impression, i love the merry christmas thing on the window haha :) xx

  3. What a fun Christmas! Beautiful pictures :) These photos made me smile too!

  4. You looked gorgeous and that dress is so nice. Hope you had a great Christmas.

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  5. Looks like you had a really lovely day. And what great gifts! The little nesting dolls are perfect. xx

  6. Adore your Christmas dress, super cute. Looks like you had a really wonderful christmas. :) x

  7. Aww this year I spent my first Christmas with a boyfriend to :) It was wonderful… lovely photos and your day looks very special, have a great new year! xx

  8. Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas Lyzi! x

  9. Your day Lyzi, my goodness, was oh so super sweet, I simply adored this post. You looked beautiful. And I love your little descriptions - you can tell just how excited you were! Love all the gifts too, those books look fantastic!! xx

  10. I love your table centre piece! So beautiful - did you make it? xx

  11. loving the smock! your xmas meal looks delish :) hope you had a merry xmas! xxx

  12. So pretty.

    I've always wanted a Russian Doll set, I love the one you got.

    Glad you had a amazing Christmas Day and that you got to spend it with Doug.

    Love Hannah

  13. My boyfriend and I have decided that next Christmas, we'll spend it together. It'll be lovely, but I'm fully taking advantage this year of doing what I usually do - reverting back to being a teenager with my parents!


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