Saturday 30 April 2011

totally beachin'.

WEARING: flower - h&m ; bikini - primark ; jumper - h&m ; shorts - topshop.

On Monday, Kayley and I donned our beach gear, grabbed a few boys and some food, and zoomed off to the beach. They didn't seem too impressed at the twenty minute walk up and down hills, but once we got to my secret beach (complete with a little tiny castle thing) I think it was worth it.

Speaking to an interesting, intense man. He is a man now, but he wasn’t when we danced on the sticky floor when I was seventeen. He knows a lot, especially his own mind, or so it seems. He makes me feel inferior, even though I laugh along. His mind is confusing and complex, but in a very different way to mine. I’m trying to teach myself that this is okay; it makes so sense to compare someone to someone else. I just wish I knew more. I wish I read more books – they make me feel more (of everything). I wish I could get deep into something without feeling scared.

A crab crawled over and over my hands. I was gentle and not afraid. The way his legs moved made my brain happy - he looked like a robot.

I've been feeling so brave lately. I will not be broken.

Friday 29 April 2011

all my eggs in one basket.

There will be juuuust a few belated posts over the next few days because... guess who STILL has no internet? Yep, you guessed it. Sky are absolutely USELESS.

Anyway, Easter Sunday was really lovely. I woke up to a flat full of lovely people after a little party, shuffled around for a while, and then got ready for a scorcher over at my Granny's.

It was SO lovely, especially because I hadn't seen anyone in my family (apart from immediate family) for probably a couple of months! Time really flies.

There were so many different kinds of cake, and an Easter egg hunt, despite everyone being over the age of 13! We had proper baskets and everything! It was such a hot day, which didn't help my hangover, but I really appreciate the sun we've been having.

Hope you all had lovely Easter weekends too!

Dress from Motel.

'til death do us party.

I know many people will be totes sick of all this wedding business, but I bloody loved it, so I'm going to post about it, alright? If you don't want to read about it, just don't! :)

Thursday 21 April 2011

hung out to dry.

(high waisted shorts from topshop)

Gueeeeeess who still doesn't have internet!!!!? To anyone setting up an internet connection at the moment, I'd say don't go with Sky or Simply Digital (or something along those lines... it might be Simplify.) I would say DON'T. It's been nothing but a god damn nightmare.

ANYWAY. I just had a glorious few days visiting Charli in Bournemouth, watching Elliott's band Kids Can't Fly (who were actually way better than I was expecting), and then staying with Elliott for a couple of nights in Andover. No offence to anyone who lives in Andover, but it's the most boring place I've ever been. However, I did get this nice big old man cardigan from a charity shop there, so I guess it's not all bad.

So here I am now, at my Mum's with the cats for the afternoon, after my first ever pedicure! It was so nice! I'm also going to start having light therapy to try and ease my anxiety as well, fingers crossed it helps!

This weekend, all of my best girls are going to be together for the first time in ages! It's going to be the best Easter weekend EVER! Kayley wrote a list last night to make sure it happens.

I'm off to treasure hunt at the tip!

Saturday 16 April 2011

heard them stirring.

Here is the fox costume I mentioned yesterday. Yes, it is massive on me, but that's because it's made for a man who is around six foot, and I am a mere five foot two. I kind of like it massive though, it makes me feel like a little child or a cuddly toy.

My brother commissioned it for a stag do that he is involved with. The general idea is that the stag will dress as a fox and they will chase him around Exeter, or something. So if you're in Exeter tonight, look out for a fox! And tell him congratulations on his upcoming wedding!

Gawwwwd I love making costumes. I wish I could just make a new costume every week and then wear costumes all the time. But I can't afford to do this, nor do I have the time :( maybe when I retire...

Stay foxy!

Friday 15 April 2011

perfect on paper.

Soooo, we're still having problems with our internet. We had it very briefly yesterday afternoon, then Kayley's brother proceeded to be on the phone to Sky for what seemed like hours. We are internetless again. I wish I understood technology!

Anyway here's a few photos of what I've been up to over the past week. Chilling with my cat in the sun at mum's, sitting on the beach between doctor's appointments, baking a billion cakes (these ones in particular are carrot cupcakes - yummy! Will post a recipe next time I make them!) and making a full colour zine for my best friend's birthday. I also bought him about 8 zines so he had a nice little pile of them, although two of them are sitting on my desk as they arrived after the weekend! Below are a few of my favourite pages from the one I made! It's basically a collection of work I've done over the past year, with a few tweaks.

Since then I've been recovering from yet another horrible cold, going to Wagamama on a dinner date (mmmm I want more noodles now) and making a fox costume and birthday presents. I'm going to blog about the fox tomorrow, all will become clear!

I also got the loveliest email from one of the girls I did the Company Casting Call with, Sarah. She has a lovely way with words, and it brought tears to my eyes. My first impressions of her being a sweetheart were definitely correct!

FINALLY, the new issue of Company Magazine is out either today or tomorrow. I think there may be a small photo of me in it, but as I didn't get through to the final 6, it'll be full of the lovely faces some of the other girls! I think you should all buy it, because you get to see enough of my mug on here as it is :)

Wednesday 6 April 2011

little foot.

(I'm not meant to be looking sad or like I'm praying. I wanted to make it look like I was looking down at all the other photos below. I don't think it worked... I'm wearing a t-shirt from Total Jerk, and a skirt from a charity shop)

Oh what's this?! I have a new camera! YAY! Yesterday I explored the charity shops with my friend Ash. These are the exciting things that I found...

A picnic hamper with a few picnic bits inside, some kind of kids' musical instrument (watch the video if you want to hear what it sounds like!), cups with birdies on, a weird cat book, land before time video, and some nice fabrics.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

plenty of fish in the sea.

And plenty of spare change in your purse.

I don't like to spam, but tonight if you're in London, head to The Islington Metal Works for KNOT FOR PROFIT - in aid of Japan. Amongst many exciting things, there's an art auction that I have donated a painting/drawing/thing to, and you should go and buy it because it's alright to look at (sneak peak crappy photobooth photo of it below, i'm going to scan it in soon.. probably.)

In other news, I am happy and sniffly. Apart from this fishy picture I've been sewing up kitties, finding lovely fabrics, and I'm about to start work on a fox costume. And the internet man is coming tomorrow! Yaaaay!

(them there headphones are Panasonic ones and are really good (thanks Yogs!) and that sweet t-shirt is from the sexy boys at Total Jerk)

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