Sunday 7 July 2013

london retro fitzrovia glasses.

Oops! You may have seen this blog post prematurely, before I'd written anything on it! My apologies - here it is properly.

Sure, these glasses are from the men's section of London Retro Glasses, but I don't think that matters - especially with the pink detailing to the edges of them. The case is chunky and sturdy, which is perfect for me, as I am always damaging glasses.

The shape of the London Retro Fitzrovia glasses is just so classic, and I feel they'd suit a lot of face shapes. They're perfect for kicking back in my lounge with a cup of tea and Bukowski, or focussing on a little bit of hand-sewing.

• glasses courtesy of MyOptique • Primark t-shirt • charity shop trousers • Cath Kidston cup •

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  1. Me gusta el look... Muy retro!!!

  2. Oh they're lovely :) I desperately need some new prescription glasses..!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. You look so pretty in them - such a prefect shape!

  4. oh, these pictures are so perfectly lovely. i absolutely love that coffee table, too! xx

  5. These are really pretty and suit you very well! :D


  6. you look lovely! x

  7. Pretty pretty girl, these suit you down to a T! I got a pair of red chunky ones, which I like, but not as much as these! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. lush glasses, they look so good on you! x


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