Tuesday 10 December 2013

market, music & roast.

On Sunday, we headed over to Start The Bus for their Christmas market, to eat roast and to watch Doug sing songs

If you're after a traditional roast, you'll be sorely disappointed, but I really enjoyed it! The beef was salty and spicy, the kale cooked to perfection.. I even ate the sweetcorn, and I usually hate sweetcorn.

The market itself was small - a few stalls mainly selling vintage & secondhand clothes - but good. I spotted a woolly jumper with cats all over it! Unfortunately I am not buying myself anything before Christmas.. damn it! 

After a big, yellow mug of tea, Doug started his set. At first he looked all lonely, but people soon started coming in and sitting nearby. He even got a few WOOs, and not all of them were from me...

I have a feeling there's another STB Christmas market this Sunday, and it'll probably be a little busier as it's closer to the big day, BUT young Doug Hayman won't be there to fill your ears with pretty sounds!

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  1. Talk about yummy! That place looks amazing!

    Emma x

  2. Such great pictures!
    x Hannah

  3. hope he did well! i know how that feels, being up there singing all lonely :) xx

  4. mmmmmm really fancy a roast now x

  5. That beef with the roast looks absolutely incredible! Serious food envy right now.

    Love the final picture in this post as well - the sky looks so pretty! I can't believe how gorgeous the sunsets in England have been recently.

  6. the roast looks lush! xx

  7. That last picture is just stunning Lyzi! So beautiful! x

  8. That roast looks absolutely amazing, that beef looks divine and YUM sweetcorn! The other day Tom made my sandwiches and put loads of kale in them, he thought it was a salad leaf! They were interesting tasting! That last photo is beautiful, I must pay a trip to Bristol soon, so much fun stuff seems to go down there! (And I love Start The Bus!) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  9. Great pictures.. gorgeous website xx


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