Monday 31 October 2011

fright night.

Our Halloween party on Saturday night was so much fun. I was so impressed with the effort everyone went to - Elliott even made fingers and teeth out of Fimo! I loved watching everyone get ready and decorating our flat.

Have you done anything to celebrate Halloween?

Thank you to Kayley and Elliott for some of the photos! x

Friday 28 October 2011

cosmo blog awards!

Photos from Cosmo and Jazmine. I wore a 1950s vintage dress, New Look shoes (and a fluffy stole thing and a beautiful vintage bag borrowed off my wonderful flatmate Kayley... hi Kayley!)

Just a couple of photos from the Cosmo Blog Awards that I attended on Wednesday night. I can't write a long post, as Elliott is here, but it was a great night. Getting ready with the girls and all the nerves in the taxi over, meeting loads of bloggers, going out for dinner with a bunch of them, and all the chats in the hotel afterwards. I may not have won, but I have certainly gained a couple of friends!

Well done to the lovely Olivia who won our category! :)

Tuesday 25 October 2011

if I were a boy.

hat - topshop ; scarf - charity shop ; blazer - can't remember! really old! ; jumper - belonged to my late auntie lyzie ; belt - cowboy shop ; jeans - topshop leigh jeans ; socks - topshop ; shoes - customized dr martens.

Tomorrow morning I'll be on my way to London for the Cosmo Blog Awards... I'm so nervous and excited! It's going to be such a great evening - getting ready with the girls in our hotel room, finding out who's won, etc etc! I just want to say thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for me. It really means so much to me that you like what I blog about. I don't have high hopes for winning, but you never know! This blog has done so much for me, and it's nice to know other people appreciate it too.

Sunday 23 October 2011

little pig.

The best pub in the world, The Pigs Nose, at the most southerly point in Devon, and some of the surrounding lovely things. I tried Devon Pride ale, ate fish and chips bigger than my entire body, and as we left an old man said "oh no, there goes the talent." I just wish it wasn't so damn far away!

Saturday 22 October 2011

like a doll.

The dress I rejected... sorry dress. I look like a Victorian hamster. Sorry for the bad quality, it's pretty dark in there and I hate flash!

Yesterday, after CBT, Mum and I went to Totnes to wander around the market and have a good rummage through my favourite vintage shop, Revival. My mission was to find a dress for the Cosmo Blog Awards, and if I'm honest, I've been really stressed about it!

The woman who works there is really helpful, especially if you're looking for something specific. There are so many amazing things all crammed into this shop, so it can be difficult to find what you want! My two favourite dresses out of the two I liked best were both 1950s. Mum and the shop owner dressed me up and added stoles and shrugs and things to whatever I was wearing. I felt like I was their doll!

I was so drained and relieved once I'd found my dress that I NEEDED to go and have a cream tea... And here is a sneak peek of my dress:

Thursday 20 October 2011

sleep until it's done.

"I'm a mess, I'm a wreck, but you wouldn't know 'cause I'm at my best when I'm with you." - Big Deal.

When I'm feeling tired/sad/anxious/negative, there's not much that makes me feel better in the way that food does. To be honest, sometimes I'm surprised I'm not overweight considering the amount I comfort eat. Also, when I get a craving for food, I HAVE to have it soon or I'll probably get grumpy...

So last night I had to make a cottage pie, and today I had boiled eggs (from Elliott's mum's chicken's bums) and soldiers. I also went all the way to Tesco just for some "choco snaps". I was convinced by the packaging - I'm a sucker for a fat feline.

Feeling pretty tense in general at the moment. I'm pretty sure it's down to my new sessions of CBT and not really knowing what they'll entail, and the Cosmo Blog Awards which are now less than a week away! Hoping I don't have a nervous breakdown by the time it rolls around...!

Thanks if you've bought anything from my blog sale! I'll be posting things tomorrow :)

Wednesday 19 October 2011

can't bear it.



H&M strapless top. Barely worn.
Size 8, £2.


Oversized mustard tshirt.
Label reads size 24 (!!!) but it would look good on anything from a 10 upwards! (I wore it and it still looked good!)


Cute, retro anchor print top with puffed sleeves, from Forever 21 in New York.
Size S (8-10), £5.


Topshop checked shirt
Size 8, £10


Retro striped nautical cardigan, with light blue detail.
Size 10, £3.


High waisted skirt with pockets and buttons.
Size 12, £4.


Leatherette "moon" coloured (basically dark grey!) jacket with hood, which is lined with sweatshirty material. Very good condition.
Size 10, £12.


Very cute patent cream and pale pink mary-jane/brogue style shoes. Worn once, very good condition.
Size 3, £5.


Super fluffy earmuffs, think they were originally Accessorize.


Leopard print earmuffs.


Please email me (don't comment here!) at if you'd like to purchase an item of clothing, stating the item(s) in the email subject line.

Postage will be £2-3 depending on how heavy the item(s) are, and we can discuss it via email. Shipping to the UK only I'm afraid.

PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE! I will send your item once payment has been made.

Please bear in mind that these are also for sale on my facebook, and I'll be selling them on a first come first served basis!!

All items left unsold from the first and second blog sales have been moved here so that everything for sale is in one place!

There are also some new vintage items up in the Being Little Shop!

Tuesday 18 October 2011

artist showcase #3

Missed a week out while I was at Elliott's, but fear not, the artist showcase is still here! This week I've got something slightly different for you - a make up artist I met at the Company Casting Call, who goes by the name Ivory Loveust.

1. Can you give us a little bit of your background?
I've been working as a freelance makeup artist for just over a year now; i'm currently completing a VTCT degree in fashion and photographic makeup at Edinburgh's Telford College.
Once i have completed my degree i indend to train under a special effects instructor to become fully qualified in the art of SFX and modification makeup.
I started my own business: "Ivory Lovelust Makeup Artistry" last year and work with a wide variety of clients to create beautiful designs for make differing occassions: weddings, special events, proms, halloween and photoshoots. Since then i've had the joy of working on film sets, fashion shows and doing makeup for theatre productions "The Memory of Water" and "Monsters".

2. Did anything in particular make you go into your field of work?
I've always been obsessed with makeup, ever since a young age! I was the lone girl wearing false eyelashes and red lipstick to high school from the age of 15 (not the best when you attend a smartly uniformed Catholic school!) I never thoroughly considered Makeup Artistry as a true career path until last year; i was offered the opportunity to work within a vintage boutique and that ignited my love affair with the beauty industry. Since then, i've never looked back.

3. What inspires you?
Absolutely everything; it varies from colour palattes to random objects and everything in between!
I have a big soft spot for film and theatre, though, so i will often create makeup looks based around a character or idea from a music video, costume or outfit from a movie scene, fantasy creature or person depicted in film. Big favourites include the "film noir" era movies and
Right now i'm obsessed with this amazing rock musical called "Repo! The Genetic Opera!" so i've been playing around with styles and characters from that.

4. How do you work?
Naturally, i'm a complete and utter chatterbox! I like to make my clients feel relaxed and at ease so i engage them in conversation about the look they are after and what exactly they are hoping to achieve before starting with the application of any makeup. Often clients will bring me photographs or printouts of makeup designs they like so i have points of reference when i'm working, which also helps both parties achieve something beautiful! My main concern when working is to please the client and help create a gorgeous design that they will be proud to show off.

5. What's your favourite medium to work with?
I believe that as a Makeup Artist you shouldn't really limit yourself to working with only a few select products, or relying on only one makeup brand; however i do have my firm favourites. Benefit's "Dandelion" face powder makes an absolutely stunning blush and shimmer powder that is flawless when it comes to soft day to day makeup looks.
I also highly rate Revlon's "Photo finish" foundations for creating a smooth base to work with that glides onto skin beautifully.
As far as lipstick goes, in order to obtain a perfect 40's scarlet pout i place my trust in MAC's matte lipstick range; the shades Russian "Red" "Ruby Woo" and "Warm Me Up" are firm favourites both amongst myself and my clients!

6. Which piece of work are you most proud of?
I have worked with many influential people since beginning my career as a makeup artist, including famous Burlesque artists such as Millie Dollar; i love vintage style makeup and so speaking and working with style icons such as these always excite me. The shoot that we did together at the Ghillie Dhu still remains one of my firm favourites.
I worked on the set of a short horror film earlier this year entitled "Gobble", which was absolutely amazing for me. The brief i was given was "Pin-Up Zombies" so the opportunity to encompass two of my favourite things together within the one brief was astounding. Working on that gave me the itch to further my interest in special effects makeup which i am now pursuing more openly.

7. What are you upto right now (work-wise)?
In this run-up to halloween i've been getting lots of bookings for special effects makeup; so far i have been given briefs such as "Medusa" "Rob Zombie" and "A Sexy version of the doll from the Chucky movies" ... i have a big soft spot for everything spooky; the more blood, guts and gore the better as far as i'm concerned so halloween is easily my favourite time of year!
I'm also working on a short film at the end of the month to be shot in Edinburgh. It's about a boxer who goes through a personal journey within the boxing ring so will call for lots of blood, open wounds and bruising makeup, so i'm very excited for that!

8. Anything else you think we should know?
I am presently taking bookings for November and December this year, as well as next year.
I can be contacted through my email; to discuss any makeup ideas that you may have, or if you'd like to book me for any up and coming projects. My work is updated regularly on my facebook business page as well as my private tumblr account, so feel free to browse!

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