Tuesday 17 December 2013

home for christmas.

It's so lovely to come downstairs to newspapers, roses and a pretty cat on the kitchen table! I love visiting my family home in Devon, but there's something really magical about this place at Christmas.

I can't wait to:

• soak up the festive atmosphere at Totnes Christmas Market
• get my Christmas shopping finished and everything wrapped up beautifully
• go to the Christmas tree farm & find the perfect tree
• decorate the tree while watching a festive film
• catch up with special friends
• bake loads of biscuits for my loved ones
• spend my first Christmas with Doug 
• come downstairs on Christmas morning to see a pile of presents
• feast on delicious food and see my family
• see people's faces when they open their gifts  

What are you looking forward to this Christmas?

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  1. Great blog post! I can't wait for everyone to finish work on Christmas Eve and to be home safe and sound for the holidays!

    Gemma x

  2. devon is such a gorgeous place, bet it looks magical at christmas!
    i'm most looking forward to seeing everyone open their presents - i think i've outdone myself this year with finding the perfect ones! :)

  3. Have a lovely Christmas! I'm looking forward to seeing all my relatives that I haven't seen since summer and spending new years with the boyfriend and his parents.

    Oh Hey Kayspray! xx

  4. Lovely list!! I can't wait for Christmas!! For the great food, pile of presents, spending time with family + going to the movies!! :)

  5. That little miaow looks jsut like my two boys : Black cats forever. I'm finished with work and I am aos looking forward to Christmas. Already getting onw ith the cleaninig and decorating, have spent time iwth my sister and gone for a long walk so I'm feeling pretty happy so far! I want to make some mince pies and sing along to some good christmas songs for the next few days now :)

    Chambray & Curls

  6. You seem like the kind of person who is happiest with the simple and often most beautiful things in life. Family, scenery, serenity and smiles.

    I hope you have a great Christmas.


  7. I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas, nothing beats being able to spend time with family and soak up all the Christmassy happy atmosphere. It's my first christas off in four years so I definitely want to try making some mince pies from scratch this year and watch a ridiculous amount of christmas movies with a cup of hot chocolate x

  8. I envy you for having a real tree! and for having a nice cat who won't climb in it. can't have my christmas tree because of my cat this year :(

    imeowlife. ,Dixx


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