Monday 30 August 2010

so far...

Another peek at the books I'm in the middle of making. I'm quite happy with how they're turning out, but there's still a little way to go.

Today I did some sewing, and then I made the covers.

The event that I'm doing them for is creeping up fast! If you live in or around Devon, you should try to come to this art and music event. I think there's going to be a pretty good turn-out! There's a little buzz going around about it!

Days like these remind me how much I absolutely LOVE bookbinding!

sunshine and kitty cats.

Today I took a short break from bookmaking to sit in the sun with my cats. This one is Phoebe, she's my big girl. I love her SO much, she is so cuddly and sweet. I love how happy she looks in this photo and I love the shadows of the flags.

I am going to apologise now for posting 3 blogs in one day - bank holiday weekend was a write-off. Mine was filled with regatta, barbeques, beers, friends, family and FUN.

models own.

I, like many other girls, took full advantage of the Models Own 50% off sale. These are the goodies I ordered - 2 pastel sets, and a navy blue (I've been after a good navy blue since last Autumn!)
Very happy with them, but I think the pastel blue might be a bit bright for me. My favourite so far is the lilac, not a colour I thought I'd like but it looks amazing on! I haven't yet tried the navy blue, but I'm really hoping it lives up to my expectations!
I thought I'd go for clashing colours on my fingers and toes! I chose green for my toes to go with my "devon pride" tattoos (the Devon flag is green :) )

Saturday 28 August 2010

things i'm going to do this autumn.

• walk my Dad's dog, Jazz, from time to time. Especially in the woods.

• find somewhere nice for me and Kimi to live.

• talk to people who know things about getting my work out there and getting paid jobs.

• maybe get a part-time job.

• save money.

• smile LOADS.


Thursday 26 August 2010

the changing of the seasons.

Autumn is coming which means I DEFINITELY need to go shopping. Here are a few items I've spied while browsing the internet. I actually found 40-odd things, and these are at the more casual end of the spectrum. Tomorrow/soon I'll post the more dressy-up things!

Top row: Black dress, £14, Peacocks; Skinny watch, £16, UO; Plaid cardigan, £16, Peacocks; Brown brogues, £16.99, New Look; Peg leg trousers, £29.99, River Island.
Middle row: Tapestry bag, £, Ebay; Checked shirt, £18, New Look; Dr Marten 1416s, £65, UO; Skinny cord trousers, £29.99, River Island; Blue/grey satchel, £36, Warehouse.
Bottom row: Green peter pan collar dress, £58, UO; Plum cocktail ring, £8, Miss Selfridge; Denim and lace shirt, £45, Warehouse; Chunky snood, £16, Topshop; Striped knitted dress, £40, Warehouse.

bloody love you.

In future, I really should take my own advice and just keep things simple. 3 books. 3 complicated books. I really need to get on and finish them but I am feeling so demotivated and tired. Argh!

This is just a simple little card I made for my friend.

Wednesday 25 August 2010


What I do when I should be doing something else:

• cry and drink tea.

• take pictures of myself accidentally looking like an owl.

• go to the cinema and watch Piranha 3D.

• have a beer.

• lie down.

Monday 23 August 2010

sneak peak.

Just a little look at the 3 books I've been working on for the Beyond The Sea exhibition and music event (see previous post for details). I'm keeping the rest under wraps until the event.

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