Sunday 22 December 2013

fashion union / f&f winter warmers.

A rather cosy and Christmassy outfit post for you today! I wore this get-up on Friday while buying & decorating our tree, so it seemed only right to take a few photos by it! 

Let's start at the top. This bobble hat rarely leaves my head! It's so soft and warm, and when worn with my new jumper from F&F, I feel like the snuggliest person ever! I opted for a lighter coloured jumper to try and coax me out of wearing dark colours in the winter, and I think it's working, judging by this outfit! (if you ignore my black tights..) plus, this jumper is in the sale now!

Finally, this playsuit from Fashion Union is such a lovely rusty gold colour, and the sequins give the sparkle you need at this time of year. I love that I dressed it down for a daytime look, but it's obviously the kind of thing you can wear for a night out!

• Zara hat
F&F jumper +

• have to get the cats involved :) •

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  1. I just adore all the knitwear - especially the colour of the hat! I love the sparkly sequins playsuit, your tattoos (!!!) and the very cuddly cat at the end! x

  2. Love this outfit - it's perfect for the festive season. Very impressed with your tree!

  3. Lovely outfit - the sparkly playsuit is so Christmassy and look great with the knitwear! :)

  4. I love these pictures! So cute! x

  5. These pictures are sooo fun, and that playsuit is gorgeous! You look lovely Lyzi! x

  6. You look so lovely and cosy, the colour of your hat is my fave! x

    The Little Things

  7. Lovely pictures! I like your outfit :D

    Valérie //

  8. Oh you little cutie :) you look lovely!
    Have a great Christmas!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  9. wowzers! you look ultra cute! love your whole outfit! :)

  10. Aw your sparkly romper is absolutely adorable. I love how you made it look so cozy by pairing it with a warm sweater and knit hat.


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