Thursday 19 December 2013


I generally don't feel that comfortable in bodycon dresses these days, so I was really happy to receive this Figgahugga dress recently! I've been wearing mine under loads of different outfits to give me a smoother, slimmer appearance!

It's a new product made of nylon & lycra, which feels like a swimming costume and is really strong so holds you in and smooths out any lumps, bumps and visible underwear lines! It also has silicone around the hem to stop it riding up, although I found this wasn't as effective when wearing it over tights.

In the photos below you can clearly see the difference it makes, although being a shorty my dress had ridden up a bit, causing it to wrinkle, but this isn't anything to do with the Figgahugga! It also comes with a list of dos and don'ts which definitely helps you to get it on in the first place!

When I first tried it on, I was amazed! I tried it on without a bra and still had cleavage! It was way better than I expected, and I've been wearing it loads. And it was my secret weapon in my Lashes of London blog post the other day! It makes me feel really confident and secure, and I'll be making use of it a lot over the Christmas period when it's pretty difficult to watch what you're eating! 

Figgahuggas come in 6 bright colours, including a very festive red! I went for purple as most of my clothes are darker shades. They're £49.99 which is a bargain when you think about how long it'll last, and how many outfits you can wear with it! They go up to a size 14, and there are details of all the measurements here, so that you can find your perfect fit! 

If you're after one for New Years Eve, make sure you order by Sunday as they'll be closed until the new year!

Would you add a Figgahugga to your wardrobe?

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  1. Dear Lyzi,

    I’d like to invite you to the Fab Woman Virtual Christmas party, which starts today. Being an online party all you need to do is to turn on your computer, get comfy with a drink, click on my blog anytime after 5pm CET and via the party-post imagine together the best celebration ever! Looking forward to seeing you there. Anami, xx

  2. I can definitely see a difference! I could do with one of these for my muffin top, HAHA.

    x Michelle |

  3. I love this! I have some figure trimming underwear that I got from Primark yonks ago, but they just don't cut it. If only I had the £50 to spare this holiday season I'd have got one to wear on Christmas Day.

    You look amazing in that dress, by the way, really suits you! xo

    Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense

  4. Crikey, you're the last person who needs one of these, Lyzi, but they're a good idea.


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