Saturday 1 February 2014

a year with you.

Please excuse the PDA.. also this blog post probably contains the most photos out of any blog post I've ever done.

Today, Doug and I have been together for one magical year! 

To mark this momentous occasion, I thought I'd share a whole bunch of my favourite memories in photo form. This means you avoid having to read about how much I love him, but it does mean loads of pictures of his hairy face. Proceed with caution.

If this isn't enough for you (you might want to consider therapy) there are links to corresponding blog posts in the captions!

Our first weekend. Doug stood on his broken amp, smoking out of his window.
Doug playing the piano.
The creatures I made for Doug & Ed to take away with them.
A fun-filled trip to Brighton.
Valentine's Day was spent apart, but he made me a black origami heart.
A night marvelling over a shiny new friend.
A couple of amazing gifts from the boy.
My two favourite bed friends having a nap together.
Our first trip to Bath.
A yummy breakfast in bed.
Tea & lunch at a favourite cafe.
Sunny kisses.
Another yummy breakfast in bed!
Easter = giant dinner-plate-sized chocolate nests.
"Helping" the boys pack before their big adventure.
An incredible feast with incredible humans.
I helped with Doug's EP cover.
The final feast before we left Doug's London house!
Drinks and sing-songs in my mum's garden.
Adventures on the river.
Our last day together, picnics on the beach.
His toes disappearing, mine left behind.
One of the last cups of teas before he left for the other side of the world.
I got a tattoo to remind me of our shiny friend.
Our relationship looked like this for a few months.
And this too.
And we got to have teas together again!
Fun at Windmill City Farm.
Favourite drinks in Dartmouth.
Huge icecreams in Exeter.
Drunken sunny times in my mum's garden during Dartmouth Regatta.
One day Doug came back from an adventure with fish 'n' chips & cream soda!
I had a very handsome date to my cousin's vintage wedding.
We spent Doug's birthday in Bath, at the American Museum.
And dinner & cocktails at The Cosy Club.
BIG BEERS at The Hare.
Lunch on the Grain Barge.
Followed by playing in the leaves!
We went on our own adventure to Edinburgh!
To Devon, and wandering around Dartington Gardens.
Becoming each other.
A disgustingly fun Halloween.
Doug treated me to a date at the aquarium!
Playing with sparklers on November 5th.
Leaving origami hearts for others to enjoy.
Doug started playing live again, and I felt proud.
I drank tea & watched him play at STB too.
His hair grew longer and the way it stuck up made me smile every morning.
A rather fancy date night.
Baking Christmassy things at my mum's house.
We exchanged lovely gifts, including these Rob Ryan mugs.
We invested in a HUGE duvet, and never wanted to get up.
Doug shaved off his beard and I didn't recognise him for a while.
Theodore Twombly day happened, after watching Her.
An amazing walk in the country the day after dinner & games at our friend's.
Treating Doug to lunch at St Nick's.
Visiting Crawley & getting to meet more of Doug's family.
Especially this little guy!
Ok there's going to be a little bit of mushy writing now..

Here's to many more years as beautiful as this one (ideally without the months spent apart!) our future home, cats and more adventures. Let's hold hands the whole way, please.

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  1. Aww that is so lovely :') Adorable... I couldn't get tired of it. Congratulations! And I wish you two all the best !!! xxx

  2. Really love this - such beautifully captured memories! Wish you both happiness xx

  3. This is so lovely Lyzi! Congrats on your first happy year together :)

    Jess xo

  4. This post was really cute :)

  5. Happy Anniversary Lyzi and Doug! Looks like you've had some rather wonderful adventures over the last year! And that dinner plate sized chocolate nest looks incredible! x

  6. Näytätte söpöiltä yhdessä:) Hyviä kuvia!

  7. Awww I loved this post! You guys are so cute together! :)

  8. Nawww that's adorable :) So happy for you! X

  9. That is so adorable! You have such a nice relationship, it's obvious you guys are so in love. Happy for You! :)

  10. Aw you two are so cute! Happy one year anniversary!

  11. Well, this post was a delight to read. I finished reading with a smile on my face :) I'm so happy for you. You make an adorable couple and Your adventures look so fun!!

    Love Vanessa xx

  12. Such a lovely story! I'm embarrassed to say I welled up a little bit during the months away/reunion story posts. As somebody in a long-distant relationship I'm really struggling emotionally with it (I hate admitting that) and how you coped with all those months apart is beyond brave in my opinion. Congratulations on your reunion and I wish you both all the best together for the future xxx

    PS. I've had my eye on those Rob Ryan mugs for a while and now I'm feeling ridiculously tempted... they're so incredibly apt.

  13. These are so cute, you're so lucky to have so many nice photos of the two of you. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  14. Your a BEAUTIFUL couple!!!Happy Anniversary darling!!!<3

  15. Oh my god I am dying from how lovely this is. You two are the cutest and the love just radiates off of both of you. Happy anniversary, you two. I'm sure the rest will be just as perfect.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  16. Aww happy anniversary to you both! I'm not one for soppy stuff but this is truly a gorgeous story. It really got to me and it's obvious how much you mean to each other. I'm actually visiting Bath for the first time with the boy on Monday so if you have any tips on where to go please let me know!

  17. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I loved ever single photo!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  18. Aww such a lovely post... not seen anything like that on a blog til now & I have to admit I did fear a sad ending after seeing the toes in water picture. .. heres to many more years together. xx

  19. This is so so lovely. It might be odd for a stranger to say this but I am so happy that you're happy. It seems like I've gone through a lot that is similar to you and I'm finally on the right path now, as it seems you are. You are a lovely, lucky lady but Doug is luckier :) Happy Anniversary!

  20. GOOD LORD your relationship is almost identical to my own! we even have the Rob Ryan mugs! (he's my favourite!) Hope you had a lovely anniversary with hopefully many more! xxx

  21. Happy anniversary to both of you. :) Here's to many more! xoxo

  22. i'm so happy for you lyzi! this is such a lovely post and i hope there are plenty more to come!

  23. This is so cute! Congratulations :)

    Bella x

  24. What an adorable post! Happy anniversary :) xxx

  25. So precious, and congratulations on your 12 months together! :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  26. Congratulations on one year! This post was so adorable.

  27. Too cute! The Kitten Mittons just made me laugh out loud in work and now people think I'm mad xx

  28. This is so goddamn cute, Lyzi!

    also KITTEN MITTONS?! where the hell are they from?? I want some! I swear to god I nearly died watching that episode :)

    Tom's hair does that weird sticky-up thing too, it doesn't help that he makes me cut it instead of going to the barber haha


  29. Awww! This post is so cute! Congratulations! I hope you'll have a looooooooooooooong love story together!


  30. Food and love of the best possible kind! Kisses to you both munchkin <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  31. Lyzi,
    I have been following your blog since my sophomore year of University, I'm an American but I know that College and University are two different things in England, so I guess you would call it University or Uni. I'm babbling but that was about 4 years ago and I quite literally stumbled upon your blog, on, does anyone even use that anymore? Anyway, I think it was about 2 in the morning and I was supposed to be writing a paper but instead I spent my time on your page. I felt such a connection with you as I suffer from depression and cfs and I was at a terribly low point when I found your blog. Now, 4 years later, I still check your blog once a week and I just wanted to tell you how much you have inspired me to start doing things that I enjoy and embracing who I am. I have even decided to start my own blog, all I have at the moment is a title but hey, it's a start. I also wanted to tell you how beautiful your relationship is. I can honestly feel the love you both have for one another just from these and past photos. Having just ended a very serious relationship of my own, I occasionally tend to loathe happy couples (it was a very recent break-up, I promise Im not a terrible person), but your relationship just makes me smile. It is so nice to see such genuinely happy people and it gives me hope. I hope you don't find this small essay creeping, I just thought that perhaps you should know how you have touched someone you don't even know, thousands of miles away. I truly wish you the best, you have been a role model to me for many years.


  32. You guys are just so adorable. Loved your outfits at your cousin's vintage wedding! Also boys with beards really are the best. :)

  33. You two make the most adorable couple!
    Congratulations on such a happy year,

    Rosie x

  34. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! You guys are just too cute. Can't wait to read more about your adventures :) Congrats on your anniversary!

  35. Congrats :) this is a loevly post


  36. you guys just totally made me cry! It looks like you have found someone wonderful there, I hope you have many years to come :)


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