Friday 7 February 2014

a night in francis hotel, bath.

A week ago, Doug and I popped up to Bath to stay in the beautiful Francis Hotel the night before our first anniversary. 

The offer to stay in this lovely hotel in one of our favourite cities came at just the right time, and I was able to arrange it so that we'd wake up there on the morning of our anniversary. When we arrived, it was absolutely tipping it down, so we spent a while in our hotel room drying off and noticing all the wonderful little details.

We were treated to a feature room, which was so stunning. A huge comfy bed, big telly, a cute little table and chairs, amazing en suite bathroom... and yes, you may have also noticed that there is a painting on the ceiling that you can look at while you lie in bed! 

Doug and I have never stayed anywhere so lovely, and we really enjoyed all the little touches - a fruit bowl, iPod dock so that you could play your own music, the gorgeously scented candle, and the coffee machine, to name a few. 

One of the things I found most amazing was that the mirror in the bathroom had a bit which didn't steam up when you had a shower! I don't know how they did that..

We took our own chocolate orange cupcakes, and sat around in our robes drinking wine all evening.

The next day, we woke up to beautiful sunshine and admired our view across the square. On our way down to breakfast we had a little nosey around. The wallpaper in the stairway was amazing - those silhouettes have an almost velvetty texture! The lounge areas were very impressive too.

We followed the stairs down to the very sunny breakfast room, where we were offered tea, coffee and toast before being shown the buffet area. This wasn't your standard breakfast buffet - there was a pattisserie section, a refridgerated section of cold meats, fruits and yogurts, cereals and whatnot, and a hot section with fry up bits and bobs. 

We obviously went for the fry up, being slightly hungover from our wine the night before! It was all absolutely delicious, and really good quality.

After packing up and checking out with the super friendly staff, we had a little wander around Bath. We walked down to the river, popping in an antiques shop on the way, then headed in the direction of the train station, and went inside an amazing old bookshop.

We'd walked past George Bayntun bookshop before and really wanted to go in, but it was closed, so we were very excited to see that it was open. We pressed the buzzer to get in, and entered this beautifully quiet place full of sleepy old books. 

Also, it smelled amazing in there.

+ our night's stay at the Francis Hotel & breakfast the next morning was provided free of charge for review purposes.
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  1. What a wonderful trip! Beautiful hotel and gorgeous treasure trove shops!!

    Faded Windmills

  2. Gorgeous photos! What camera do you use? Looks like you had a fabulous time. When I lived in Somerset, Bath was my favourite place to visit. Such lovely memories!

  3. Wow, such a beautiful hotel! I like your pictures too :) It looks like a really nice trip. xo

  4. These photos are absolutely wonderful. Looks like such a lovely time x

  5. Oh wow! Everything looks amazing, sounds like you had a wonderful time Lyzi! x

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful anniversary! xx

  7. That looks like such a lovely hotel. I've never been to Bath, I've no idea why, every photo I see of it and it looks amazing.


    Love Adventure?

  8. Gorgeous pics, lucky youuu!
    I love that you and Doug have little matching ear stretchy things too. Cute.

    La Dulcie Vita
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  9. The hotel looks absolutely gorgeous! And those chocolate orange cupcakes, wow... Yummy. Also, that book store looks like just my cup of tea, I am a little book nerd and love places like that! Lovely pictures, what a cute little trip x

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  11. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous - this hotel looks incredible, such a wonderful, quirky place for a night away. I want to go stay somewhere special for me and my boyfriend's anniversary in November - if only we lived closer to Bath! (which also looks amazing: I am in love with those cobbled streets and old street signs).


  12. Oh wow, this looks so lovely!! xo

  13. That hotel looks amazing! Oh my God, I love that bathroom. I've always wanted to visit Bath... might have to save up and stay there!

  14. How beautiful does Francis Hotel look! It looks gorgeous, especially because of how antique it looks. Like, double wow. And the breakfast sure did have a lot of options, yum.

    I can totally agree on the smell of bookshops. It can't get any better than that.

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  15. That hotel looks so beautiful
    : ]

  16. Wow, looks like a magical place. Gorgeous photos!


  17. Definitely gonna have to check this place out when I head to Bath next. I was born there and love to return at least once a year. Especially to hit up the spa :)
    Hope you had a fab anniversary x

  18. Looks great! I could use one of those no steam mirrors myself haha.

  19. Wow this looks like it was a wonderful trip! That hotel looked super nice!

  20. It looks beautiful! I love the idea of the painting on the ceiling, and the bathroom looks gorgeous :)
    Glad you had a lovely time!

    Jess xo

  21. Living just 20 minutes in Bath, I've never needed to stay in town, but always wondered what the Francis is like inside! I did the Ghost Tour a couple of years ago, and after hearing the stories of the goings on inside, I'm not sure I could stay there ;) Although, it does look gorgeous. And obviously you two made it out alive! X

  22. That place is stunning! What a nice little getaway :)

  23. Gorgeous collection of photos from your trip. I love the silhouette wallpaper!

    ~ K

  24. That looks lovely, I love Bath.
    My year anniversary with the better half is coming up soon, need to get my thinking cap on about what to do :)


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