Thursday 31 October 2013


Last weekend, Doug and I went up to Cheltenham for a Halloween party (and a cheeky little tattoo) and I thought today was the most appropriate day to share a few photos with you all! You probably shouldn't read on if you're scared of clowns, dead people, rednecks or Hulk Hogan...

Oli and Elliott made an amazing effort with the decorations - real hearts in a jar, a corpse, hands in the freezer, and missing posters of all of the people attending! I didn't manage to get photos of everyone's outfits, as rum happened... but it was so much fun, I'd like to do it all again this weekend please! 

Hope you all have a fun Halloween!

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  1. I love your costume! You looks so great! :D

  2. You guys all put in such a fantastic effort - you look effing awesome (and darn-tooting spooky!)

  3. Thats an impressive party! Also, even though I hate clowns, I flipping LOVE your outfit.

  4. happy halloween :)

  5. Amazing costume Lyzi, looks like such a fun party!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  6. These are such amazing costumes, properly creepy!

    Maria xxx

  7. wow, looks like an amazing party! and your costumes are really great fun, too! xx Cici

  8. Mate you look amazing!! Loved this when I saw on facebook, I don't think I've seen a party that is so carefully planned haha. What's this new tatt then? ;) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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