Friday 24 January 2014

lunch at st nicks.

Yesterday was a rare day that I wore something other than pyjamas or leggings and a t-shirt, so I thought it could be a good day to take a few snaps of my outfit on our way into town. 

I've been going through one of those phases lately - I have nothing to wear! I'm quite happy wearing the same hat & coat everyday, but I am at a loss as to what to put underneath that. It's cold, and apparently I hate ALL of my clothes. 

Anyway, I chucked this ensemble on, and we wandered into town, stopping at St Nick's Market for lunch. I hadn't eaten here since uni, but have wandered down the little alleyways looking at all the food & making my tummy rumble numerous times lately. Absolute torture.

It's hard to describe, but basically it's a little lane full of tiny eateries - you can get a takeaway or eat in their little seating areas. There's a bit more about it here. As it's generally pretty cheap (at most of the places you can get a nice hot lunch for under £5) I decided to treat Doug to a big bit of lasagne, salad & garlic bread at the Italian place on the corner. You get so much yummy food there! 

We then headed to the shops for a few bits, and I had planned to buy some new underwear and a dress.. however when I tried all these things on, I was sorely disappointed. I was left feeling like I must have a really weird shaped body. More on that another day though.

• Zara bobble hat
• Boohoo coat + (old)
• Topshop mittens (old)
• Julia Pott tote bag
• Charity shop cardigan
• AX Paris vest + (old)
• Primark belt & tights
• Clarks Originals desert boots

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  1. I love your cardigan Lyzi! I miss Bristol so, SO much! I'm tempted to just pack up and move there after uni, but living costs seem to be a bit higher than down here :( I may have to take a day or weekend trip soon though!

  2. I like St Nick's for record shopping :) that lasagne looks so good Lyzi! x

  3. You look lovely Lyzi! That cardigan is so pretty, and that good just looks so so yummy! x

  4. I go through phases like that to often, lately. This morning I must have gone through and dismissed about twenty dresses as being ones I hated - why do I keep them, then?! :(

  5. Aww! Your look is super lovely! You're always so cute! ^^

  6. You always look so lovely! xx

  7. Days like these are definitely the best! Your lunch sounds yummy (anything with garlic bread wins me over!). And hello adorable little outfit on an adorable little lady.x

  8. What a gorgeous little outfit, I hope you had a lovely time - that food looks delicious!
    And those mittens are so cute, what a shame they don't sell them anymore!

  9. You look adorable!! I love your coat and cardigan!!

  10. Such a cute little outfit! I especially love your gorgeous coat and yellow hat combo!

  11. Love your coat! That food looks delicious!
    Keeley's Wardrobe

  12. Wow! That place sounds amazing. :) All that food! ♥

    Your outfit is very cute. I love the coat.

  13. Cute jacket, you look cozy.

  14. You look so cute in the top photo in your yellow hat!


    p.s. my tummy is rumbling after seeing that lasagne - looks so cheesy and good!

  15. Mm lasagne. Surely does look rather nice. And I definitely love your outfit.

    I always struggle with my wardrobe too. Don't worry, haha.

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  16. I totally miss St Nicks! You are the cutest little lady :) xx

  17. I know what you mean about hating all your clothes, I'm a bit like that too at the mo! I had a big clear out of stuff and now I just want to go shopping again haha xxx Claire at Jazzpad

  18. Yum yum! I like the falafel place and pieminister the best, really want to try out the morrocan too.

    La Dulcie Vita
    or follow via bloglovin'

  19. You look great! I love your coat! :D
    I'm a beginning blogger, check it out

  20. I definitely have those 'I have nothing in my wardrobe days' I hate them! Nice outfit though, I like your hat, cardigan and coat! :) x

  21. Well I think you look super cute in this outfit. I have days where I feel like I have nothing to wear too. I think we all do. Usually getting more sleep and therefore being more creative-feeling in the morning helps me find something I like to wear that day.

    But anyway, I really like the color of your dress and the pattern on your cozy cardigan is great. Very cute outfit!

  22. the cardigan looks so fab with that vest, gorgeous!

  23. I love St. Nick's but its been ages since I visited! Love this outfit though, think cold weather just saps everyone of all their creativity when it comes to getting dressed!

    Maria xxx


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