Sunday 29 September 2013

a birthday in bath.

As I mentioned the other day, it was Doug's birthday a couple of weeks ago. We started the day with some pancakes, tea and presents, and then hopped on the train to bath. It's only a 30 minute journey from my local station, so it seems silly that we go there so rarely!

Doug made use of a couple of his presents - the moon tee & the huge yellow thermos - neither of which he was expecting! Our first stop when we got to Bath was the Bertinet Bakery, which I first discovered on a blogging trip. They make the BEST sausage rolls ever. Fact.

Then we made our way up a very long hill, stopping here and there to look at the sights and marvel at how high up we were. Eventually we arrived at the American Museum, where we looked around at a bunch of cool old stuff. Unfortunately we got there too late to really appreciate everything, as it was closing soon, but I think I'd like to go there again. Next time we'll probably get the free shuttle bus too..

We spent a bit of time in the beautiful surrounding gardens before heading back into town for dinner..

We weren't sure where to go for dinner, but stumbled across The Cosy Club and decided it was pretty cool inside, so settled down for some food & drinks. We had a yummy mushroom bruchetta for starters, some Hayman's G&Ts, then Doug had fish & I had chicken for our mains. We wanted pudding too, but couldn't fit it in our tums, so had some gin-based cocktails instead, yum! 

When we got back to Bristol, we popped into a couple of our locals for some drinks too! Such a lovely day.

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  1. This sounds very special :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Can't believe you walked up to the American Museum from the centre, must have taken you ages!
    I am going to search out that bakery when I'm in town next weekend, for sure!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day! All that food looks so so scrummy, Happy Belated Birthday Doug! x

  4. Gorgeous photos! It looks like a lot of fun, glad you managed to make the day special!

  5. Such a lovely way to spend the day together, happy birthday Doug! I love the Cosy Club too, it is fab!

    Maria xxx

  6. Everything looks so delicious! And what a nice way to spend the day! Happy birthday to Doug! x

    ✿ Emily | Honey Loaf xx

  7. This sounds and looks like a perfect day out. I'd like to visit Bath one day soon.

    The landscape looks stunning. I like what you did with your hair.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say



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