Friday 21 February 2014

zara spring.

You might've noticed me voicing my slight obsession with Zara over on Twitter or Instagram lately.. and now I'm going to continue it here on Being Little by sharing my favourite images from the Spring14 lookbook!

In my mind, when I'm finally "grown up" - whatever that is - I'll dress all smart, minimal and cool like these gorgeous ladies. In reality, that'll probably never happen because colour & patterns do something funny to me, but hey, I can still dream.

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  1. Ah this lookbook is so pretty. I love the damask dress :) I know what you mean about 'when I grow up' - I picture myself wearing pretty tea dresses and aprons ;) xxx

  2. Those are pretty swoonworthy outfits, I totally know what you mean about brands you file under 'when I'm grown up'- not sure I imagined that at 29 (30 in a few months!) I'd still be wearing t-shirts with pugs on them and Nike trainers but hey-ho. I also lust over clothes I know would not suit my frame - I love those loose-hanging clothes and the outfit with the mustard trousers but I think you might have to be 6 foot something and not have stupid massive boobs and a cake-belly to pull them off! Dammit! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. I love the sporty vibes in this collection -- Zara never disappoints. I feel you on the dreaming up an image thing -- I would love to dress in cropped sports-bra-ish tops and slouchy trousers but I'm terrified of how I'll look. One day, perhaps!

  4. I'm in love with Zara, I can never leave this shop without buying at least one piece! This collection looks so pretty! :) xx

  5. i'm pretty sure that everything in Zara was constructed in heaven and sewn by God himself? love love loveeeeee

    xo Sarah

  6. the words 'thats gorgeous!' accidentally slipped out my mouth out loud (im alone atm, was a bit odd haha) when i saw these :')


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