Thursday 2 July 2015

reflecting on june.

June was lovely, just lovely. Filled with sweet, summery times.. I think you'll see that there was quite a strong BBQ theme running through this month, amongst the other awesome things! 

Make sure you tell me how your June was in the comments!

• There has been quite a lot of BBQing. At least two epic ones. The first of which saw 3 kinds of meat (beef, jerk chicken, and chorizo sausages) and some very good company! The second was an all dayer - a lot of beer and scrabble (I won, obv.) as well as ribs, chicken wings, and beef brisket!

• After a lovely lunch at Turtle Bay & a couple of drinks and deep talks, Nick and I headed over to The Other Art Fair at the Arnolfini. It was jam-packed with art, some of which didn't tickle me, but some was very VERY inspiring and beautiful.

• I had a bit of fun with clothes, hair, glitter, and faux piercings on a blog post about festival fashion with New Look!

• Nick and I travelled down to his neck o' the woods in Devon so that I could meet more of his friends and family. It was a lovely, nature-filled few days, and everyone was so sweet!

• I wrote a little bit about being recently discharged from the Depression & Anxiety Service, and my long, continuing road to recovery.

• Nick and I went out for lunch/dinner (again) this time to Spitfire, which does delicious BBQ food... I did warn you that June has been pretty focussed on one style of cuisine... after filling our bellies we rushed over to the cinema to watch Jurassic World, which was hilariously great/awful in places. BUT, Chris Pratt. Hubba.

• This documentary about Slowdive writing Souvlaki entertained me during one morning's work.

• I loved this outfit for an overcast day, and it gave me back to school/college vibes!

• You might be fooled into thinking this gluten-free pizza party had nothing to do with BBQs.. but you'd be wrong. We cooked them on a pizza stone on the BBQ! See all of our different toppings here!

• I also fell in love with a piece of technology last month. Yes, it is in fact possible. I can't imagine my life without this portable charger now! 

• My week of travelling around the country - I exaggerate, it was actually a trip to Cheltenham and a trip to London - had to be cancelled, along with work and blogging stuff, because I fell really poorly with a kidney infection! It was the worst thing I've had in ages and I felt so unwell. I hauled myself down to Devon though so that my mum and the cats could look after me, which was a very good decision.

• I made two BEAUTIFUL purchases in June. It seems I was very attracted to gorgeous, vintage floral prints. The first is a dress from Zara, and the second I found in my favourite vintage shop in Devon, and will be seeing me through a couple of weddings this summer - and beyond..

• The 29th marked one year since we lost my amazing, beautiful, kind, mermaidy Granny. It seems like so long ago, but at the same time I still can't believe she's not here anymore. We had a family lunch at her house and I got to see my two beautiful nieces, which cheered the event up! 

• June was rounded off by the heatwave hitting us. On the last day I just HAD to head over to Emily's house so that I could sit in her colourful garden and enjoy her little pool for a couple of hours, before getting a taxi (using this awesome app called Gett) over to Blog Club! It was such an informative couple of hours, in a lovely air-conditioned room, with beautiful people! 
(Photo from the South West Bloggers Network!)

Woah! How was your June? Have any BBQs?!

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  1. I LOVE this style of post! Your photography is absolutely stunning, and it's great to see what you've been up to! I hope you feel better after your kidney infection, that doesn't sound nice!! Hope you've had a good month!! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Zoe! Feeling much better now :) x

  2. My june was a bit rubbish, i did the same thing every day, im hoping i can do more this month and get out of my rut that im stuck in.

  3. I love this post. So many wonderful things to ponder on. That article on loving a person with depression is one I've shown many friends before actually.

    Rachel |

  4. Hope you're feeling better and those floral prints are stunning! I'd love to go to a blog meet up thing just to connect with other bloggers though as I've just started I think I'd feel a little unwelcome, it sounds silly I know. Do you know of any in South Wales or somewhere near like Bristol? X

    1. Hi Arora! Thank you for the comment. I live in Bristol, and we have a regular meet up here called #BlogClub (that's what the photo is from!) - you can search for the group on facebook & join! Everyone is welcome! x

    2. You can also join up with South West Bloggers Network (which is linked in the last paragraph of this blog post!) which is for everyone in the south west of the UK :) x

  5. the food pics yuuummm... and that first BBQ photo... swoon!
    you look so cool in that outfit btw^^

  6. Such a lovely post! You had an eventful month! I haven't had a proper barbecue yet, even with this scorching weather! I love bbqs with big burgers and lots of colourful salads to go alongside :) Kidney infections are horrible! Hope you're feeling better now :) Hope you have a brilliant July! x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

    1. Get on that BBQ! The weather is good for it this weekend I think! x

  7. Mmm this post made me so hungry with that pizza party and Spitfire platter! Delicious! xx

  8. All the food looks so YUMMY! I'm reading this whilst very hungry so it's not helping things haha. I want to have a BBQ right now please!

    Laura / Middle of Adventure

  9. It sounds like you've had a lovely June. I love that article about depression, there's so much truth in there, I'm going to make a note of it for future reference xx

    Beth | Alphabeth

  10. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous little blog you have! Lovely post.

    Bry x

  11. June looks like a great month! I love the photo of you in a swimming pool, I really want one but our garden is so small we'd probably just about fit a children's paddling pool in it!
    I hope July is just as good :)

  12. Looks like you've had an awesome month! I'm jealous of all that delicious bbq food!


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