Monday 22 June 2015

what's in my travel bag?

I've been making a few little jaunts lately - a couple of trips down to Devon, today I'm (meant to be) going up to Cheltenham, popping up to London twice soon.. they're not long journeys, but there are certain essentials that I always want to have with me:

• Staedtler pen *
• Miranda July book
• Monki make up bag
• Vaseline rose lip balm
• Body Shop rose hand cream
Olixar power bank * & phone
• iPod (playing Best Coast!)
• Sony ear buds
• charity shop purse

I have finally got one of these portable phone chargers, or "power banks" as they're otherwise known. I really don't know why I didn't look into them sooner - especially as I can be pretty forgetful with my phone charger, or get a bit too whatsapp-happy on the train anywhere.

You can charge this one through your USB port on your computer, or through mains if you have a plug adaptor thingy. It does take a while to fully charge up, but then you're left with the power to recharge your phone numerous times. It also has pretty much all the heads you'll need for whatever you're charging too - which all fit so neatly into the case! - so there's no worry that it won't work with your phone.

It's an absolute daily bag essential for me now - I'll never have to worry about my phone running out of battery again! It'd also be amazing to take to festivals, if you're going to one.

What's in your travel bag?

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  1. I love that Miranda July book. Need to reread it ASAP.

    Rachel |

  2. I have a portable charger as well and it's so clutch while traveling! I can't count the number of times that my phone's died while I'm flying summer, so having the portable charger has been such a lifesaver at times!

  3. Those portable chargers are honestly life savers! I got one for a festival last summer and haven't been without it since xx

    Love and Marmalade

    1. It makes me sad that I'm not going to a festival this year! It'd be perfect! x

  4. I think portable chargers are an absolute must have. If i know that i'm going to be out for longer than a couple of hours i will definitely take my portable charger with me. They are 100% worth investing in!

    Courtney |

  5. I need a portable charger such a good idea.

  6. I REALLY need to get a power bank, my phone just gobbles battery!

    Maria xxx

  7. Love this post. I think I also need to invest in one of those portable chargers, because I never have my phone charged! haha, I just did a post like this on my blog if you'd like to check it out!

  8. This was really helpful. Thankyou.

    I am starting a blog aswell, just a beginner but hope you check my blog.


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