Thursday 11 June 2015

festival feelings.

Festivaaaals! I love them... but I don't appear to have one on my calendar this year *sad face*. I was supposed to go to Primavera, but my plans fell through. Oh well, there's still time to find myself at one, and with more and more festivals appearing every year, my chances are high! If I do manage to get to one, this is a little outfit that I might wear...

Sure, in the second photo below it kinda looks like I'm just wearing massive pants, but I really don't care. Think of the tan I'll get. These running shorts are SO comfy and easy to wear, and they have pockets! I'm pretty sure I've explained my love of pockets before, but they're even more useful at a festival! 

I'm also wearing...

+ A little knitted kimono as a cover up if the sun disappears - this one I actually styled up for a festival-inspired New Look post last year! It's still awesome and has the festival vibe. I can't be dealing with the tassels that seem to come on all other kimonos, so this is the one for me. 

+ HUGE sunglasses, because even if the sun doesn't shine, you wanna look really cool, right?

+ a sweet little lacy top, nice and stretchy, and unless you have big, beautiful boobs, you can definitely get away with not wearing a bra. Which - let's be honest - is something we all want to do. 

+ a bag with ALL the pockets to put all your necessary bits and bobs in. It's good to be able to separate your make up & sun cream from your water, and separate your water from your secret hip flask.. and so on. Plus, this one is waterproof, and it has lots of zips and things for valuables.

+ some sandals that are easy to slip on in the dark for a middle-of-the-night portaloo mission, or to kick off in the sunshine when you're lying in the grass listening to your favourite band.

What I also love about festivals, is that it's a chance to experiment a bit with your look. You can go a little more interesting than what you would normally wear to pop down to the corner shop or to the pub with your mates..

I always like doing fun little things with my hair - accessories, plaits, twists - which is also a good way to hide the fact that you haven't washed it in 4 days. Glitter is always plastered across my face, and this year I've got a fake septum ring too! Because if you can't wear nose jewellery at a festival, when can you? 

What do YOU wear to a festival?

New Look sunglasses, kimono, lace top & shorts *
• charity shop bag
• ASOS sandals & ear cuff (worn as septum ring)
• Sephora glitter

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  1. You look fab Lyzi, just gorgeous! x

  2. Totally agree with the big sunglasses tip! essential - and for the morning after too! x

  3. Yep sunglasses are most definately a festival staple!

    Story Of A Girl

  4. I'm digging that septum ring on you Lyzi! I love festivals too, especially the experimentation part. Last year I made a bunch of floral crowns for myself and my girlfriends to wear at Glastonbury. I'm pretty practical at heart but always go all out on accessories, hair 'dos and glitter :) x

  5. Love your outfit! Definitely sunglasses - for wearing 24/7! x


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