Sunday 19 July 2015

grillstock festival 2015.


Why have I never been before?! Grillstock is a combination of BBQ food, music, drinking and fun. This year I couldn't go on the Saturday because I had to work, but I went all day Sunday to soak up the slightly more subdued - and drizzly - atmosphere. 

We headed down to the amphitheatre and entered into a new world... a world we suddenly felt we belonged. We'd finally made it home. Even the frequent drizzle-showers couldn't dampen our enthusiasm. 

You've probably noticed around here that we've gone a little bit BBQ crazy lately, so this just added fuel to the fire. 

We started with some triple cooked garlic & rosemary chips, and a ham hock, cheese & mustard toastie with a little bit of fresh slaw on the side. Easing ourselves in. Not going too wild. We also decided we needed a drink to wash it down, and after about 3 seconds of looking around at the signs, we realised that ALCOHOLIC ICED TEA exists!! And it was perfect! 

All the stalls were pretty interesting, so we had a wander, deciding what we might eat and drink next.. we found ourselves at the main stage, where a hot dog eating competition was about to start, so naturally we stayed to watch. It was hilarious. People went absolutely wild for that sh*t. 

After watching people eat so many hot dogs that they were in serious pain, we met up with the lovely lovely Lily and her boyfriend Tom, and headed over to the Sailor Jerry truck to do what we were sent to do - drink a cocktail and try their food.

It's a hard life.

The boys disappeared to watch an Elvis impersonator while we got down to business. Over a ginger and Jerry, and some kind of pina colada mash up, Lily and I had a little chat to the Sailor Jerry lot about what they were up to. 

On 22nd August they'll actually be heading off on a two week road trip across the country, ending up in London on 6th September for another Grillstock festival! Search for #TheRideSJUK on Twitter or Facebook for updates about whether they'll be stopping near you! (HINT: over 14 days they'll be travelling all over the UK, so it's pretty likely!)

Then we got to try some of their food created by Psychic Burger's chef, Danny Cheetham - Lily went for the Burnt Ends Bap, and I went for the Rib 'O' Beef - which was delicious, even though half the filling slopped out!

• ticket to Grillstock courtesy of Sailor Jerry - big thank yous! •

After another delicious fill, it was back to the main stage to watch an awesome band that I've seen a couple of times before at Bestival - Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. They're just SO fun and had the crowd bopping.

Then it was the chilli eating competition - a row of people on stage eating progressively hotter chilis until they either drink the milk, throw up/spit the chilli out, or just leave in a sweat. Pretty interesting.. the food challenges were definitely one of the highlights of this festival! 

We then munched on a yummy Pit Smoked BBQ hotdog, drank a bit more Brewdog beer, nibbled on some churros (and I've had a craving for more ever since!) until it all wound down. We all had such a lovely time that we decided to carry on for a bit in a nearby pub full of cats, and then get a pizza from the new pizza place in Bedmo - but more about that another day, I'm sure..

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  1. You always were a messy eater ha ha. Great photos as always

  2. Oh wow! All the food looks absolutely amazing, I'm really hungry now! Sounds like you had a great time Lyzi x

  3. Oh goodness that looks good. Churros seals the deal! xxx

  4. Oh wow this sounds like my perfect day out. Those churros are what dreams are made of!

  5. Ahh this post has reawaken my love for churros. Must. Have. Soon.

    The festival looks super lovely! x

    Laura / Middle of Adventure

  6. Omg, this looks so ridiculously delicious! Love all the pink rain covers too. :)

  7. Looks awesome! Love the idea of a big meat festival :) I went to Bristol for the first time last year and definitely need to go back. Maybe see you there next year!

  8. Awesome! Definitely need to go. Love Kitty Daisy & Lewis too!

    Sophie Loves Food | Recipes & Reviews

  9. Hello! Can't think of a better combo that this.

    Buckets & Spades


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