Friday 26 June 2015

a devon escape.

I'm currently laid up in bed feeling pretty poorly, so looking through these photos from the jaunt down to Devon I took a couple of weeks ago to meet more of Nick's family and friends is making me feel much better. The sea air in Devon is what I need again now. 

The air smelt so sweet, everyone was lovely, and I ate a LOT of ice cream.

Places: Plymouth, Bovisands, Ivybridge woods, Torcross. 

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  1. Its so beautiful =]

  2. Devon looks so beautiful! My family has always lived by the sea and it's strange not being so close to the beach where I live now!

    1. It's almost heartbreaking not being by the sea! I have to keep reminding myself that the sea will always be there for me to go back to... x

  3. Looks like a pretty place to escape to. I'm on my way somewhere too.

    / Avy

  4. This looks so lovely Lyzi. I just adore your photographs, they're all so beautiful! x

  5. Looks so beautiful. I love ice cream. I always get strawberry cheesecake or cookie dough.

  6. Ahhh Devon is so beautiful! Gorgeous snaps :) hope you feel better soon! x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

  7. These pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Wow.

  8. I'm lucky enough to live in Devon but sometimes it's easy to forget how beautiful it is until you see it through someone else's eyes. Beautiful photos :)

  9. Devon looks lovely, you can't beat being by the sea!

    Maria xxx

  10. This looks so lovely! And I hope you get better soon!!

    Love Jacynta xxx

  11. Just discovered your blog and it's safe to say I know what I'll be binge reading this evening :) x


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