Thursday 14 November 2013

advertise for christmas!

Christmas is sneaking up as it always does (less than 6 weeks now, guys!) and Halloween & Bonfire Night are out of the way, so it feels okay to talk about it.. Over here on Being Little, I get around 30,000 pageviews a month, so this could be the perfect place to advertise your shop, blog or business! 

There are several ways you can get involved & widen your audience with me, and they're outlined below!

• As always, you can pop your advert in my sidebar through my advertising page! I use Passionfruit which makes it quick and easy for me and you to work together! For more info, just click here

• I generally accept products for review if it's something I would be interested in under normal circumstances. 

• If I fall for lots of items in your shop, I can create a wishlist style blog post! 

• Giveaways are always popular & create a lot of traffic for you, me & our social networking sites. 

• Want to pay me to write about your company, blog or product? Let's discuss it! 

• I'll be creating various Christmas gift guides in the run up to the big day - if you want one of your products to be featured, that can be arranged! 

For more statistics, rates or just to discuss some ideas, feel free to email me at!

Looking forward to working with you this festive season,

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