Wednesday 20 November 2013

my christmas wishlist.

At the moment I'm laid up in bed recuperating, so I thought it'd be a good chance for me to think up a little Christmas wishlist for myself. Over the next few weeks I'll also be doing gift guides for everyone you can think of, as well as little ideas for decoration, wrapping & things to consume! 

Above are some things I'm really hoping for this year. They're not particularly exciting, but things I'd really like. As you get older your list gets smaller, as you think about the practicalities of space and things you actually need. 

Two arty books aren't exactly necessities, but things I know I'd love to look through. Lina Scheynius has fast become my favourite photographer. I'm sick of wearing scruffy old clothes to bed, and would quite like some pretty brushed cotton PJs. These floral ones are from M&S, but I've seen some really nice ones in Primark that are probably cheaper (hint hint Father Christmas!)

My mum usually gets me some undies and tights in my stocking, which is one of my favourite traditions. I love this big polka dot tights from ASOS, I think they're much cuter than the tights with tiny dots or intricate patterns! Finally, a cropped tee that says "I am magical mother fucker" on it, because I think I need reminding that I'm alright really.

And for a bit of sparkle...

watchring 1ring 2 ring 3brooch

Ok ok... most of these are really expensive and I would never normally get them for Christmas or birthdays, but I just wanted to include them because they're so damn pretty. And if you can't appreciate sparkly things at Christmas, when can you?! 

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  1. Oh that watch is lovely, I never wear a watch but I'm sure I'd start if I had a sparkly one like this.

  2. Love the watch! I really need to sit down and write my Christmas list. So many pretty things it's hard to choose! x

  3. Love the little batty brooch - so cute :)

  4. OOHHH I love the watch and crop top!

  5. I love wishlists! They're my new favourite thing, I'm obsessed! I had my eye on that watch too, but could neverrr spend that much. So I was thinking, there's got to be a way to DIY that shizz no?



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