On Being Little, I like to promote the lifestyle I live. This has an indie, vintage, diy, cute feel, and I am happy to advertise anything that fits with the general theme of this blog. If I feel that your company/blog/advertisement is not inkeeping with this, I reserve the right to decline your offer.

All those important numbers:
(as of 08/07/14)
• 60,000 pageviews last month
• 3280+ GFC followers
• 4100+ Bloglovin' subscribers
• 4400+ Twitter followers
• 4000+ Instagram followers
• 1190+ Facebook likes
• Around 5,300 unique users last month 
Being Little's audience is primarily females in the UK between the ages of 18 and 24 (it also has many international readers, male readers, and ages range from 13 to 55+)

• I have worked with high profile brands such as Next, Littlewoods and John Lewis, as well as niche, vintage and independent companies.
• Being Little has had recognition from fashion magazines Cosmopolitan and Company.

Give it a go:
If you're interested in a size that is not available below, or would like me to design an advert, banner or similar, please email me at for rates and negotiation.
My ads are run through Passionfruit Ads, which takes any of the hassle out of it - your adverts will be dealt with quickly and easily, with much less back-and-forth emailing!

At the moment they only deal in US Dollars (which makes the prices look bigger than they are!) but I've converted the prices into GBP below. If you're dealing in other currencies, just use google currency converter!

• LARGE - £14.72 • MEDIUM - £11.04 • SMALL - £7.36 • 

Buy TWO MONTHS of advertising space of any size, and get your second month for HALF PRICE when you enter the code "DOUBLE UP" at the checkout. Please do not use this code when buying just one month, or your ad will be denied.
Product reviews/giveaways/sponsored posts
I am very happy to review products or write about companies that I am genuinely interested in and would buy/use. I will not review, use in a giveaway, or write about anything that I do not deem appropriate or in-keeping with the feel of my blog. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a review, giveaway, or sponsored post on Being Little, please email me at

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