Tuesday 26 November 2013

a cat lover's wishlist.

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Well, I couldn't exactly do any Christmas gift guides without doing a cat-related one, could I?! These are some of my favourite feline finds across the interwebs. Just a heads up, I'd be happy receiving any/all of these... 

When I saw the calendar I realised that I am a total stereotype - I am indeed a blogger who loves cats. Cats came first for me, and then the blog, so it's ok, right? Gemma Correll is always a first stop when you're buying for someone obsessed with animals, whether it be cats or pugs, and these badges are as cute as ever.


There's usually something with a kitty on in the Lazy Oaf store, these socks are my favourite, but this dress comes a close second. The pink cat tee is also a Lazy Oaf classic, in the sale over at UO! Also, you can't have a list like this without using it as an excuse to squeeze in some classic cat-eye glasses. 

In case I meet someone who doesn't know my obsession, this "I like cats" tee is probably a good idea. We don't want to lead people on into thinking dogs are our fave, do we? Ew. The cat face bag is just amazing and I need it in my life.

I love hanging favourite dresses on my wall, so this hanger would be a welcome addition to my little displays. The ring is simply perfect, and I'd like it on all of my fingers please. And just in case you like your cats a little weird, this comic by little old me is for you.

Other cat-related yumminess can be found in Harriet Gray's etsy shop, plus a little bird told me that this Christmassy cat sweatshirt is super soft and cosy...


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  1. omg all of this is perfect for me! I love cats so much haha!

  2. love the collection! and those knickers are amazing! love the tshirt and badges too!

  3. This is such a good wishlist! I absolutely love the bag and coat hanger. xo

  4. haha, the pants are hilarious!
    love, Isabel x

  5. Pants! I need the pants in my life! x

  6. I love the cat stuff! Especially the socks. They are very nice!

  7. I love kittys! I did a list similar dedicated to "Meow" things.. I love yours list too!

  8. Wow, I actually love all of this! Cats are, like, my favourite thing, haha x

    Amy |

  9. Such a good selection! Especially love those cat pants!

  10. thank you SO much for including my bag in this amazing round up! x

  11. The pants are hilarious! I actually have the cat bag as it was gifted to me by a friend not long ago. It comes with a matching cat face purse too!

  12. Ahhh I made a post just like this a while ago! :) I'm a crazy cat lady too.


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