Monday 4 October 2010

monday make: my velvet cape (to be continued...)

Today, after having lunch with my best friend, I felt energized and decided I'd start on a project I'd been meaning to do for MONTHS.

A while ago I tried on a lovely velvet cape in a vintage shop. It was lovely and heavy, and lined with satin. One of the ribbon ties was missing, and I thought it was very overpriced for that it was, so I decided I'd make my own. Off I went to buy the appropriate fabrics.
These fabrics have been sitting in a box until today, when I decided it was finally time to make:

My Velvet Cape.

Of course, I had to make a pattern and try it out in cheapo fabric first, to make sure i didn't make any massive errors:

I marked these with the words FRONT and BACK, and some symbols so that I'd know what bits line up, etc:

Then I cut out the mock-velvet and pinned it to see how it would look:

Next was cutting out the navy blue satin lining:

This was then pinned and sewn onto the thin wadding to make it cosy warm!

I attatched the velvet ribbon to this, sewing a couple of inches so that it would be nice and secure:

Next, I attached the velvet to the lining, and it was really starting to take shape!!!

Finally, I've started pinning some white lace trim around the edges. Unfortunately I didn't purchase enough for the entire edge! So I need to get some more..unless you think it looks better without?

I'm really excited to get it finished but it looks like it'll be a few days until it is, as I'm not going to the fabric shop until Thursday!

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  1. This is amazing! So impressed, I need to get off my bum and make more things - you've inspired me!

    Penny x
    Crafty Nell


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