Friday 8 October 2010

autumn is here.

(this photo was actually taken yesterday afternoon, but I am still staying in today I think)

I had a lot of dreams about having a boyfriend last night. It was really nice. I also had a dream about an awesome jumpsuit, and living in Bristol. Maybe it means I need all these things.

Today I am also lusting after Dr Martens 1461s and this knit skirt in black from Zara (that I already have in russet but it's just so lovely...)

I'm going to spend my day pampering myself as I woke up looking very pale with dark rings around my eyes (must've been all that dreaming), and making my room look cute. And I better put a few things on Ebay if I'm lusting after all these things as I currently have more money going out than coming in....oops!

Have a lovely Friday!

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