Monday 25 October 2010

keep or return?

I'm in need of some opinions on these new Dr Martens 1461s. I can't make up my mind if I like them or not.

I've had Dr Martens boots before, but never 1461s and never new. I find it hard to get past the shiny and hardness, although I know they'll soften down with wear.

I also feel like they make my feet look quite big and clumpy, even though they're size 3! I don't know if I just look like a total idiot in them, they look a bit frumpy I guess. But I love the look of them on other people...and I've wanted some for ages.. I just can't tell if they're very "me".

Not sure whether to stick with them, wear them in and see how I feel then, or just return them and get my £60 back.

Here are a couple of photos, they also look quite nice with thick black tights and a mostly black outfit, but I have skinny ankles and don't know if they look ridiculous!?

Pleeeeaaaaase heeeellllppppp!!!

Here they are dressed up and also dressed down:

(I'm wearing sunglasses because I couldn't be bothered with any make up, please excuse my stupid face. Who do I think I am, the freakin' Blues Brothers?!)

They are growing on me the more I wear them and the more I look at the photos of them. I think they just need roughing up a bit!


  1. I know what you mean about not wanting shoes to look clumpy. I have the same problem, even though I only have size 3 and a half feet. So I understand where you are coming from.
    I like these with the tights, but £60 is a lot of money.
    Think of the pros and cons! hehe :)

  2. Do you think you will get bored of them quickly? They look cute but it is quite a bit of cash to splash out on. x

  3. I like them in the second outfit but not so much in the first one. They are cute though.

  4. they're also part of the "for life" range so they'll repair or replace them for the rest of time, good deal!


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