Wednesday 6 October 2010

a happy day.

Today I had another baking date with my good friend Beth, this time at her house. Does anyone else think it's still really warm for October? This is what I wore:

(sneaky little El Hefe wanted to get in on the photos too!)

We baked cute little fairy/butterfly cakes, and crunchie cakes! Similar to my malteaser cake adventure, but with crushed up crunchie bars instead (duh!)

Finally, a photo of me laughing at my friend on skype.

I've had a bloomin' lovely day. I'm feeling so happy at the moment.


  1. Lovely outfit, I really want your top! And those cakes look so niceee (:

  2. Those cakes look so unbelievably yummy! I really like the look of your cardigan as well - nice and cosy, I bet!

  3. You are gorgeous! I love this outfit. But you're's definitely warm for October. It's supposed to get back up to 90 degrees here on Friday!

    Those cupcakes look so unbelievably good. I'm so hungry now!


  4. like your cardi! x


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