Monday 11 October 2010

my weekend in photos.

(and a couple of words too, I guess)

An early morning bus ride through the mist, along the clifftops to visit my cousin; Her very fluffy and fat cat playing silly devils; A vintage fair in Totnes, full of lovely goodies but none that I desperately needed in my life (how very restrained of me!); Little kitty Mumford at my girl Kayley's new house. He woke me in the night by sitting on my head and purring. I love him so. It's lovely to go to sleep with a kitty in your arms. I wish our cats were allowed upstairs :(

Still selling some clothes here if you're interested! Only for a couple more days and then they'll be on Ebay.

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  1. the view of the ocean is breath taking , i wish we have places like this , so relaxing and so serene ♥


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