Sunday 24 October 2010

a good day.

Things with the afore mentioned friend have been sorted out. We talked things out and I think we both understand each other better, both of us were really scared of losing each other, and it's all good.

I had a great day today (apart from a panic attack), I went to a food festival across the river and saw some people who I love a lot (mother, best friend, father, auntie etc etc) ate some yummy free samples, and generally had a nice day.

Here are photos:

Finally, my awesome cat, Phoebe... hahaha awww stupid face.


  1. your kitty is so cute! those mushrooms are HUGE! xx

  2. that all looks sooooo tastey!

  3. I have three words: om nom nom! That food looks amazing! & you and your blog (and cat!) are adorable :-)

  4. Those cupcakes look so tasty it makes getting chubby ok :)


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