Tuesday 26 October 2010

clipper chilled infusions.

Last week, Clipper sent me three new drinks to try. They also sent me a box of their fairtrade everyday tea, which is my second favourite tea after Earl Grey.

I've loved Clipper's packaging for some time, so firstly I was glad to see the cute bottles. I'd like to see them with coloured lids though, to match the colour of the labels, I think that would finish them off nicely. I see Clipper's packaging as quite quirky, so I would expect them to finish their products off to a higher level than just a boring white lid. I think I'm going on about the lids too much...

The first one I tried was the Raspberry and Nettle, on a hangover, with a fry up.

Oh my goddddd, it was delicious! Quenched my thirst, just sweet enough. I only wish I had more. This is definitely my favourite out of the three drinks, as I'm a massive raspberry fan. The nettle gave it an usual twist which I really enjoyed.

Next, I tried the Blackcurrent and Lemon which, incidentally, is my second favourite. It kind of tastes like slightly watered down Ribena, with a touch of lemon, except it tastes a lot less artificial. The lemon gives it a really clean edge.

The Apple and Ginger was also delicious, with just enough heat from the ginger to get you in the back of the throat. I usually drink apple juice all the time, but I'd definitely drink this instead, if it was cheap enough, as it tastes soooo much better. It's just exciting for your tongue.

I'm hoping these will be hitting the shops soon, as I really want some more!! Yum yum yum.

Visit their site here for some free teas, and you could get some free samples too! You can also follow them on Twitter!


  1. awww your breakfast looks super yummy hehe (: I'll definitely try those drinks!

  2. oo yummy cant wait to try these, also please come make breakfast for me :p x

  3. mmm looks like a triumph :)



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