Wednesday 13 October 2010

suit up.

Apparently it's International Suit Up Day today.. so I thought, "why not?"
My outfit reminds me a little bit of Janelle Monae. But obviously, she oozes ten billion times more style than I do!
This is possibly one of the cheapest outfits in the history of outfits ever.

Blazer - Charity shop.
Shirt - Charity shop.
Tie - length of lace from a Haberdashery.
Ring - H&M.
Leggings - H&M.


  1. This outfit looks absolutely beautiful on you. Not many people can pull off the androgynous look but you can perfectly (:

  2. love that shirt and you hair is super cute!

  3. Love that shirt, you look gorgeous. Your photos put mine to shame, I need a new camera and location ASAP! xx

  4. Amazing blouse!

  5. I can't believe I missed out, I did not know it was national suit up day!


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