Thursday 7 October 2010

project snood.

I'm getting back into my knitting :) it's so nice to have something to do with my hands, which doesn't require any brain power like drawing and writing does. This is something I can do when I'm tired in the evening, watching television, on the bus...(although around here I'm pretty sure people will give me strange looks)
I got the wool from Deramores. I really recommend them because they have a good choice of wools for very low prices, and if you order before a certain time you get your order the next day! I got baby wool because I wanted it to be really soft, and it is :)

Thank you for your nice comments on my post yesterday, and hello to the few new followers that have been popping up recently. Nice to have you on board :)

I'm so happy and excited for life at the moment. Things are going great.


  1. My sister just knitted me a lovely snood with pure sheep wool on 20mm needles which makes it look like lace, and then some lovely knitted flowers in different colours to pin on according to what colour outfit I'm wearing :)

    I'm trying to knit a little cardi for my friends toddler at the moment too, quite a bit more complicated than I originally thought, bit of a challenge for my 1st knit in years!

  2. I really envy you. I need to teach myself to knit :/

  3. I was just wondering how many balls of wool you needed for your snood? Thanks!

  4. hello, my nan taught me to learn to knit yesterday as you're post inspired me so much! i can't work out how you've done this snood though - is it ribbed? or is it just regular knit but really thick wool?? thanks xx

  5. What size needles did you use? I'm using 8mm but yours looks much tighter.
    I love the colour you're using too :)


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