Thursday 30 September 2010

bits and bobs.

A variety of things to share today...

I have been battling with exhaustion even more than usual lately. I have a cold which I can't seem to shake. Today I opted for comfy clothes - a big t-shirt and a really soft shirt from the men's section of Uniqlo. I have beautifully accessorized this with a tube support bandage thing. I'm not sure what I've done to my arm, but it really bloody hurts! (Hence my unimpressed face, haha) I think it may be because I keep sleeping on it...

Anyway, I had a cup of tea and an apricot flapjack (sooooo goooood) with my best friend while he was on his lunchbreak. It was really good to catch up, but it wasn't for long enough! So hopefully I'll see him again soon. While I was in town I picked up a few things from Boots:

Rimmel 60 Seconds nailpolish in 805 Grey Matter and 600 Deliciously Dark. I had the grey one already but I've misplaced it - it's a really lovely soft colour. The other is a dark reddy purple colour, really deep, almost black - it literally is delicous. I put it on as soon as I got home and I love it! Perfect for autumn/winter.

The other two are products I'm trying out. I've heard a lot of good things about primers, yet I've never actually tried one myself. I have quite oily skin and I HATE when it gets all shiny, so I really hope these products work! I am trying them out on half of my face, while on the other side I have what I usually use (Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, and Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder). I've had it on for an hour or two and so far it's doing brilliantly!!!

Finally here's a really lovely little song :)


  1. The No.7 Shine free primer looks like just the kind of thing I need, will you let us know your verdict on it? x

  2. lllove the bsb-shirt! :D

  3. thanks guys. clare - i will definitely let you know over the next few days! x

  4. Love the checked shirt! :) x


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