Monday 22 November 2010

ten things.

I'm feeling a little under the weather, even after sleeping for what seems like the entire weekend. So I thought this would be a good time to do my "10 things I love" post.

I was tagged by Nicole and Kim who have both done a "10 things.." post. And now it's my turn!

1. Hunting for a bargain.
Not to be confused with Bargain Hunt. I absolutely LOVE charity shops, markets and fayres. Partly because you can find one-offs, but mostly because you can get amazing things for not much money! I love finding things that are totally on-trend, but at a fraction of the price. For example I found a hand-knitted cream cable knit jumper for about £4!

2. Food. I love eating, and I love eating GOOD food. Last night me and Bee were discussing our love for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who is basically an incredible chef and somewhat an ambassador for good healthy grow-your-own food. I love finding amazing new recipes, and changing them to suit my tastes. I also have a big love for baking! My mouth is now watering.

3. Bed. It seems rather appropriate right now that one of my favourite things is my bed. You may or may not be aware that I've been suffering from ME/CFS for a number of years, and more recently have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which means I'm very tired a lot of the time (amongst other things) so bed is very much my friend. It's where I hide from the world, and where I've had some of the best times, and worst times of my life. It's the only place I feel truly safe.

4. Deep colours. This autumn/winter I'm being drawn to gorgeous deep colours like emerald green, navy, purple and burgundy. They make me feel cosy and wintery, and kind of grown up. I'm not sure why, but I like it.

5. My friends. Of course, how could they not be in this list? I feel super lucky to have a core group of friends who I know will always be there. There's my all-time best friend in the world ever, Oli. I think he's kind of my soulmate, we've had a lot of ups and downs but they've just made us closer. Then there are my girls - Charli, Kayley and Blondie. We are all pretty different but we get on amazingly. I've had some ridiculously good times with them.

6. Art and craft. I've always been art-minded since I was tiny. Art and writing are my therapy, whenever anything bad happens in my life I write and write, and often end up making a book about it. It really does help. Sewing is also a big love of mine and I love making/altering my clothes.

7. Late night in-depth talks. It's been a while since I had a really good one of these, but I love it when you really connect with someone and can just talk for hours. I'm not very good at opening up so when I find someone I feel comfortable enough to really talk to, it's pretty special.

8. Second hand. This is slightly different to finding a bargain, because it doesn't always matter if it's cheap. I love finding things which have a lot of history attached. Whether it be a dress, suitcase, tea set, toy or a bicycle - vintage for me is not about trend, it's about the story behind it and the fact that it's been loved before.

9. Music. Currently listening to a lot of sweet girl music. The last playlist I made included Au Revoir Simone, Camera Obscura, Elizabeth Mitchell, Emmy The Great, Kimya Dawson, Laura Marling and Still Corners. I urge you to listen to them all!

10. Cats! Last but not least, my babies. I live with three gorgeous cats - El Hefe, Phoebe and Kimiko (or Heffer, Feebs and Kimi) They're all so different but I love them all SO much. I don't think I could actually live without them. People often joke that I'm going to end up a crazy cat lady, but that's just fine by me! I would love to have more!!

I'm tagging Bee, Katie-Jane, Chloe, Karys, Hiven, and anyone else who wants to do it!


  1. Heehee my list is basically going to be like yours!
    Also talking of charity shops, I did a bit of a trawl today and came back with a Topshop shirt, brand new with labels for £6, mmm bargain :) I will blog it later!

  2. Oh Hugh, what a beast eh? Not long til the River Cottage christmas special. Phwoar. I've got a couple friends with ME/CFS and I know it certainly isn't fun. Illness is a bugger, eh? Oh well, we are gunna kick ass as crimefighting superheroes. It also seems as if we have similar taste in music! Lovely post sweet. I'm currently trying to put mine together but it's proving more difficult than I first thought :/ Keeps turning into a 'H is for Happy' post haha. Thanks for the mention.

  3. love this list, sooo many good things! cats, crafts and laura marling, awesome :)
    i also suffer from me/cfs and have done for the last 3 years, so i know exactly how you feel about bed- a safeplace and a prison all at once, confusing stuff. hope you're doing okay at the moment.
    hope the fayre went well x

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you have ME. I really feel for you, I have arthritis and can understand how difficult coping with a condition can be. Especially when you're young and trying to set your life up! I had to drop out of uni too :(

    Anyway, I won't be too down about it! Love this post, thanks for tagging me :) Mine's going to be pretty simialar to yours though I think!

    And yeah I think brown is my natural hair colour now, when I first dyed it a few years ago it was a dark blonde. I think it's practically brown now though!

    Chloe... x

  5. loving all your picks <3 especially bargain hunting! who doesn't love a good bargain :)


  6. Love those beds :)

    Just found your blog Im in love you have some amazing photos!!

    Char x

  7. Oooh A big yes to nearly all of these esp cats, baking and bed! I also have 3 cats and am hoping to get another, a rescue kitten after Xmas!

  8. heyy, i just found your blog from fromgemwithlove and when i saw you had ME/CFS and hypothyroidism i HAD to leave a comment, as i have both too, spooky! I've started following you on twitter so if you wanna talk I'd love to have a natter with you about any of it if ya like?

    Love you blog anyway, I have a feeling I'll be reading all day! xx


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