Friday 19 November 2010

follow friday #2

This week I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite blogs from my "arts & crafts" list.

I know it's somewhat of a cliché, but I literally have been arting and crafting since I could hold a pencil/paintbrush/etc. It's probably my greatest love, after my cats.

Anyway, here are some of the blogs I find inspiring:

1. Anna Emilia. She describes her blog as "a weather diary of colors, wind speed and sounds under feet in my illustrated life." It's truly magical. Each illustration is paired with some gorgeous writing that makes you feel like you're there. I get excited every time there's a new post.

2. Dottie Angel. Surely the queen of craft! Her home is enviable. She posts lots of little tutorials which would aid me on my way to having an equally beautiful home, if I ever got around to it... One day! I promise!

3. Debbie Hill. Everything from baking to knitting to drawing. It's quite a varied blog, but each post is as lovely as the last. I love seeing what she's been up to.

4. Oh My Clumsy Heart. Gorgeous little phrases that tug at your heartstrings. Beautiful brooches and sketchbooks. You really really must have a look.

5. Depeapa. This blog is in another language, so I'm not sure what they're saying! But the drawings are SO cute that I had to include them. Their badges are adorable too!

6. Inside a Black Apple. I NEED one of these kitties more than anything - they put mine to shame! The Christmas cards are lovely too. All sorts on this blog from paintings to dress-up cats to inspiration.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!! A feast for your eyes! :)



  1. Im not sure what those cat things are meant to be but i bloody love them!

  2. I love number 3 &4!

    ps. I tagged you in a post m'dear! write a list of your ten favourite things!


  3. Thanks for the feature! I´m very honored to be on your blog.


  4. Thanks for these tips..I like your blog too!


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