Thursday 4 November 2010

riding in cars with boys.

Last night, I was umming and arring about whether I wanted to bring back my fringe or not. When my fringe gets long I get confused about the parting and it starts to just look ridiculous, but at the same time, if I grew it longer, I could sweep it out of the way with a hairgrip or two.

Anyway, by chance, I came across the film Riding In Cars With Boys, and it answered my question for me.

I've always been a fan of Drew Barrymore, she's so sweet. So when I saw her cute fringe in this movie, I knew what I had to do.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep halfway through... but what I saw was BRILLIANT. I highly recommend it, and I will be seeking it out asap so I can watch the whole thing! Here are some screenshots!

So when I got up this morning, snip snip snip...(it's a little wonky, oops!)

Finally, here is the trailer :)


  1. Your hair looks lovely hun, and your blouse is cuteee :) xx

  2. You really suit a full fringe (: I'm quite jealous.

  3. pulchritudinous ^^

  4. I love it! You can totally pull it off with those amazing eyes...

  5. That is such a good movie! And your bangs are adorable! Good decision!

  6. love that film. the fringe suits you x

  7. Great film. You really look a lot like DB!

  8. I actually think you look quite similar to Drew! You are so pretty and your hair looks great.



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